A Cup at Joe's

A Cup at Joe's

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Where: Totonga Joe's
When: July 6, 2020
What: A newvie and a mogrel walk into a coffee shop.

You look like you could use a serious cup of coffee. - by Izzie (Shikoba)

The clock on the wall reads just after 6. The Coffee shop if fairly quiet- not surprising considering the time. Most people are out for something a bit more substantial about now. But a few people sit, scattered about the place, relaxing with a cup of coffee and maybe a pastry or two.

Sitting alone in the corner of the coffee shop, a Native American woman sits on one of the large comfy chairs. She has an iPad in her lap that she flicks lazily with her fingers. On the table next to her is a large bowl-cup of cappuccino and a plate with a flaky pastry on it. A small leather messenger bag rests at her feet- that are clad in a pair of light pink, Oxford style shoes with a small heel.

She pauses on her iPad, picking up her cup and taking a sip from it. She smiles to herself as she wraps her hands around the mug, leaning back in the chair. Someone with keep vision would see that she has the Kindle App open on her tablet and is reading- though what she is reading can't quite be made out since it seems to be on the smallest font setting.

Mattias steps into the coffee shop, taking a quick glance around. Thanks to the pesky approach of daylight, he has been stuck in the hospital since last night and has been dying for some less shit coffee. As a result of his recent exit, he is still wearing the clothes from last night, now rather crusty and bloodsoaked. He quickly approaches Shikoba, his hand slipping into the right pocket of his jeans as he approaches to retrieve the bracelet that he had grabbed. The newvie takes care to walk less quietly as he gets closer to the seated woman, his feet now actually audible against the wooden floor so that he doesn't startle her. "Sorry to interrupt, but didn't I meet you last night?" He askes. It probably wouldn't be great to accidentally give the bracelet to the wrong person, after all.

Shikoba sets down her bowl-mug next to the plate with the pastry upon it. It looks to be some sort of apple-berry layered cake thing with a flaky bottom layer sort of holding it all together. She takes a bite of her confection and chews thoughtfully before setting it down on her plate. She wipes her fingers on a napkin in her lap before going back to her iPad. her eyes focus on the screen as she flicks to the next page.

As Mattias speaks, the mongrel looks up, her black eyes searching his face for a moment. She doesn't say anything for a moment, "I don't think we formally met, but we were there together." She smiles slightly, dipping her head. "You look quite a bit better than when I last saw you." She twists her mouth upward into a lopsided grin. She lifts a hand, waving to a chair nearby, "You look like you could use a serious cup of coffee. I see you haven't had a chance to change since last night, so I am guessing you just woke up from whatever or wherever it is you stayed for the day?"

The newvie nods, laughing a bit. "Feeling much better as well, although I'll probably be sore for a bit longer." He replies, sitting carefully in the chair that she motioned to, not wanting to stain it if there was any undried blood left. He pulls his left hand from his pocket, setting the bracelet on the table by Shikoba's things. "That's yours, isn't it? I grabbed it when I was leaving the bar." He explains, looking to the menu after.

"Oh…yes it is mine," Shikoba says, looking mildly surprised as her brows lift upward, thin creases forming across her forehead. "I don't suppose you grabbed my phone or rings as well?" She leans forward to grab her bracelet from the table and slipping it into her messenger bag. She looks up at Mattias, a hopeful look on her face.

Mattias frowns, shaking his head. "Sorry, the bracelet just happened to brush against my hand as I was leaning on the bar." He explains, getting to his feet. "I'll be right back." The newvie says, making his way to the counter and ordering their strongest black coffee before returning. "Sorry, been far too long since I've had drinkable coffee." He explains as he sits again, more quickly now that he's reasonably confident that his shirt is dry.

"They have the best coffee here. It is why I go out of my way to come here." Shikoba says with a grin. She picks up her bowl-mug and 'toasts' Mattias as she takes a drink from her cappuccino. She leans back in her chair, a slight frown dancing over her features.

"So, Silver Bullets are making a move on us it seems." She holds her mug in her hands, resting it in her lap. Her iPad blinks off from lack of use as it goes into auto-sleep. She sets the tablet against the arm of her chair next to her leg. She winces slightly as it brushes against her unseen injury. "They have resorted to crude terrorism," she scowls and shakes her head, "It could have been a lot worse than it was, but 2 dead? It is awful enough. I wonder how many more were actually injured and just didn't stick around."

He nods "Even a little change like the floors being wood might have kept us from making it out." The newvie points out, his head turning as his coffee was set down on the table. He nods in gratitude before turning back to the werewolf.

"It hasn't normally been this bad then, I guess?" He asks in reply to her comment about how they've resorted to terrorism. Mattias takes a small sip from his smaller cup, pleasantly surprised by what was by far the best coffee since he arrived in the US.

"Yeah, it could have been a lot worse. I just wish I was quicker on locating the explosives. I should have been more aware, I could have saved the life of the bartender at the very least…" a pensive look darts across Shikoba's face mixed with something resembling guilt.

The she-wolf lifts her mug to her face, letting it hide her expression for a moment as she takes a drink. She sets the mug down on the table by her side, now concentrating on her pastry. She holds it aloft for a moment as she speaks, "Truthfully, I haven't had much trouble. Aside from the screaming head on TV and the Radio, not many have been so…active in pursuing their aggression against us." She takes a bite and chews, setting the apple-berry thing down on her plate. Swallowing, she continues, "I think…I think this is just the beginning. I suspect the Bullets targeted the Country Club because of the cage fights. Maybe they want a share of the profits, maybe they just don't like the idea of it going on…I don't know. People hate what they don't understand…and sometimes, people just hate."

Mattias sighs when the subject of the bartender comes up. "If it makes you feel better, it was quick for him. He was gone by the time I made my way past." He offers. It's not exactly good news, but there wasn't much suffering, at least. He takes another drink of his coffee, this one lasting longer. "Perhaps I should keep my flight home then, I don't recall much of this happening back there." He says nervously, sitting straighter. "But I suppose we tend to be a bit more…tolerant, no offense."

The Native American woman chuckles, "No offense taken. I know all about how intolerant people can be. I didn't exactly win the genetic lottery when it comes to my origin and birth." She smirks and lifts a shoulder in a lazy shrug. "I'm Izzie by the way." She peers at Mattias for a moment, "If you don't mind me asking, where are you from?"

The Swede nods. "Nice to actually know your name. I'm Mattias, I suppose Mats would work too, if that's too long." He replies. "I'm from Gothenburg, opposite side of Sweden from Stockholm." He adds, not entirely sure how much detail he needed as far as the geography.

Mattias gets up from his chair and buys a small square of chocolate, returning and putting it in his drink to melt. "Pastries would be better, but they don't integrate as well." He explains, taking another drink from the chocolate flavored liquid as he sits again, now about halfway finished with it.

"Nice to formally meet your Mattias," Shikoba says with a nod. "Sweden eh? Huh. I've read about it there, I hear it is really nice with a high standard of living." She bobs her head and shrugs, "Of course, that is all academic, I haven't been or anything."

"Is it hard? Being a newvie I mean- you seem to give up more than we have to…we just have the whole turning thing. Hard on the wardrobe." She dips her nose toward the cup of coffee Mattias holds and the melting chocolate. Her brows come together slightly as she asks, "you don't have to answer that, I'm just being nosy."

"It's fine, I don't mind. It certainly can be annoying. Sunlight wasn't too much of a problem, this far south I just burned anyway. Food is more problematic, though, I won't be having a proper fika again." He takes another drink. "Oh, and the wood thing is pretty stupid." Mattias laughed. "Better than the fairies though, I guess. I accidentally get cut by iron more often than I get splinters."

"I can see that…I have the annoyance of not being able to wear silver jewelry…but that is all it is, a bit of an annoyance." Shikoba shrugs. "I think I would just wither away if I couldn't eat my pastries though. And tamales…if I couldn't have tamales I would find little reason to live." She snorts a laughs, her lips twisting about into a smirk. "Seems you have bad luck coming around to the States here- or maybe just bad timing to pick a night out. You on vacation? Or business?"

Mattias laughs at the tamale comment. "And I'll never get the chance to try one of those either." The newvie adds, quieting at her next question. "I was planning on just staying for a vacation, but I think that the bite has changed things a bit." He explains. "At least I should try to stay here for longer. I have some ideas for my powers that could be useful to try out while I'm here."

"It is LA…honestly, even without the Bullets and Crusade and all the other hate groups out there, it is still a pretty violent town. So don't let last night sour you on staying." She bobs her head, finishing off her cappuccino and setting the mug down on the table. She goes for her pastry and eats it with a guilty pleasure- though she does try to show a modicum of respect for her companion.

Shikoba leans back as she finishes off the pastry, wiping her hands on her napkin to remove any traces of sugar and butter. She swallows the last of her bite and sighs contentedly. She pulls her tablet back into her lap, but doesn't pull it out of sleep mode. "Maybe I should take a vacation too," she says wistfully.

The newvie nods. "Might not be a bad idea, if things start getting worse." He finishes his coffee, setting the empty cup on the table. "Bit of a strange question, but are you doing anything too important tomorrow? I'm actually a bit drained." He leans forward slightly. "I don't really need blood, feelings would work well enough." Mattias shifted a bit, sitting straighter. "You can say no, obviously, you'd have to bring up some memories you may not want to.."

"Actually, I have to put in my hours at the Clinic tomorrow. I am covering the Emergency Dentistry in East LA." Shikoba says, her body language closed off. The tension in her shoulders is obvious at the moment, though she is obviously trying not to look put off. She smiles, "Sorry, but I may be able to find someone else to help. I have heard of a…back alley establishment on the East side that caters to… you all. Live donors willing and able for money. Everyone there needs money and they find it better than whoring…at least some of them do. I suspect there are those who do both."

Shikoba thinks, "Ther eis no way in the darkest pits of the Otherworld that I would let anyone violate me again. I don't even know this little newvie brat that well."

Mattias frowns. "Sorry for making you uncomfortable, but thanks for the tip. I think I'll miss it though, I'm not that thirsty yet" He says. "What exactly is emergency dentistry, just a shorter wait time or something?" Mattias tries to change the subject quickly. He shifts back into his chair awkwardly, hoping it would help defuse her.

Shikoba leans over and pulls a pen from her messenger bag along with a pad of paper. She jots something down on the paper and passes it over to Mattias, "In case you change your mind." She shrugs, "No pressure or anything, but you never know."

Replacing her pen and pad into her bag, Shikoba lifts her brows. "Well, emergency dentistry is just like emergency medicine. When someone breaks a tooth at midnight or suddenly get an abscess or needs and emergency root canal, they come to to the emergency clinic. Usually it is a broken crown, dropped filling or something like that. Normally, I keep regular hours with appointments and all that, but I volunteer my services in the poorer parts of town and it is my turn on the Emergency Clinic this weekend."

Mattias takes the paper and slips it into his pocket, nodding a bit. "So it's more or less what it sounds like then, okay." The vampire glances over to the clock. "Actually there is one more thing though. Do you know where there are cheap apartments? I can't afford staying at the hotel if I plan on actually living here." He moves a bit uncomfortably in his seat. He really is getting hungry, but at least the college was nearby; hopefully there were people stressing over summer courses or something that he could feed off of once he was done here.

Taps her lips and shrugs, "Depends on your budget. There is Watts Tower, but I think…it would not be a good fit for you. I live over in West Hollywood. There are some cheap rent controlled apartments there." She wrinkle her nose slightly, "Apartment hunting is rough. I heard Sun Valley has some decent places to stay and those stay in a reasonable range- usually around a thousand a month or so." She sighs, "Have you tried looking for a roommate? That may be the best place to start. I know a lot of newvies like to room together. Sort of like us mutts." She chuckles.

The newvie shrugs. "A roommate could work, vampire or fairie." He thought a bit about the different places, trying to recall if he'd been by them before. "I'll definitely have to look at them all, I'm still not sure how much money I'll be making yet so I want to know my options."

"If you're looking to stay in the Fey community, there are some good forums for that. You'll have to get through the moonies and the bloodletters to get to the real Fey, but they are a good resource. There are even a few more private forums where you can find good roommates and resources and stuff…" Shikoba says, "I would be wary of those boards for now though- no telling what the Bullets and Crusaders are trolling around for."

"Hmm, I probably wouldn't be opposed to a human either, but I'm not sure how comfortable they'd be." The newvie says. "In any case, I'll probably start out by myself in whatever I can afford, and then hopefully move somewhere nicer when I find a roommate." Mattias listens as she explained the forums, tensing a bit when the bullets are brought up. "What about them anyway, do they actually target specific fey?" The fresh vampire asks. At least with a name like The Silver Bullets it sounds like they'd focus on werewolves.

With a shrug, Shikoba wrinkles her nose, the crows feet around her eyes showing themselves. "They are mostly just a biker gang that has a hard on for giving the Fey trouble. They like to target vampires and werewolves usually. I think they just want to prove they have the biggest package…typical for most bikers really." She sighs, "The Crusaders are really scary- they are trying to outlaw us through legal means. They politic and have a gaggle of lawyers bent on demonizing us."

"Imagine an era of Jim Crow style laws against Fey. Some sort of registry list they'd put us on and 'separate but equal' right or some other nonsense." The she-wolf shudders. "I grew up on a reservation, I know all about lesser rights and being thought of as insignificant. I do not relish the idea of using legal means to oppress and vilify us."

He sighs. "So try to avoid both, then." Mattias says quietly. The newvie looks to the clock again and then slowly gets to his feet. "Sorry to end this a bit abruptly, but I need to get going. It was nice meeting you properly though, Izzie." He says apologetically. He is now actually hungry enough that he was considering proper blood. "I'll see you later I guess? If you want I can probably just come back after I've gotten something to eat."

"No problem. I'll be around. If you ever find yourself in need of a dentist, you know who to come to." She smirks and pulls a card from her bag. It says "Hollywood Smile - Gentle Dentistry for the Perfect Smile" on it Along with the name Izzie De Santigo, D.D.S. and a series of contact numbers. "My cell number is on there. Actually, I need to get to the Verizon store before they close and get my number transferred since my phone is lost." She gets to her feet as well. "It was nice chatting. If you need anything, just call."

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