A Long Night in Reseda

A Long Night in Reseda

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Where: Reseda Country Club
When: July 5, 2020
What: The Silver Bullets take the term "Fireworks" to a new level on the 5th of July.

Let us have a dagger between our teeth, a bomb in our hands, and an infinite scorn in our hearts. - by Benito Mussolini

While it's a Friday night, it's also a holiday weekend, which means the club isn't as busy for a Friday as it might be, and certainly not as busy as the owner would like. On the bill for the evening is a local act, though currently the music is that selected by the house dee-jay, various forms of alternative rock along with some mixes that are so mashed up it's hard to tell the original sources. The beat is good, though, and those who have come to dance have made the dance floor the most crowded area of the club. With so many of the patrons on the dance floor, the three bars themselves actually have room to stand, or sit, and order a drink.

The patrons are by and far mostly human, but there's a face here or there that stands out, thanks to its Fey nature. The bouncers are wolves, the deejay an Unseelie, and there are a few patrons that are newvies, mutts, or newshies.

At the bar furthest from the speakers that blare their mixed and mashed music, stands a woman. She leans against the bar with the small of her back, watching the surroundings of the bar; the people dancing, the people drinking, the people flirting and chatting and doing whatever it is they do. Her black eyes flick gold as they catch the light of the darkened bar scene- marking her for those keen enough to notice.

She wears a white silky cowl neck shirt. The sleeveless cut shows off her muscular arms and the easy drape of the fabric hugs just the right places. She wears cowboy boots pulled over her brown jeans and copious amount of gold, turquoise and rose quartz jewelry. Her hair is pulled back in a severe pony tail. From her well manicured hands, dangles a long neck Corona with a lime wedge stuffed into it. She looks to be alone at the bar, just enough room around her for someone else to wedge their way in.

Mattias stands by the middle bar, looking across the club for anyone who might be interested in his services. The fresh vampire notices someone at the other bar, shrugging a bit and heading over. He wasn't planning on making a sale, but as she seemed calm enough and further away from the blaring band had fewer people. He strides over, slipping past those in his way with ease until he reaches the bar. He looks Shikoba over quickly to make sure that his first guess at her state wasn't wrong.

Satisfied that he isn't going to get ripped apart or anything, he sits on the stool next to her, his dark blue jeans draping over the edge of the seat, then cascading back down to his feet, covered in simple black sneakers. Mattias leans forward a bit, his semi-loose black t-shirt hanging slightly off of his angled arms and shoulders as he tries to think of what the drink he wanted was in English.

"Limes are bad for dogs," a familiar drawl says to Shikoba from her left. It's a slur against himself, really, since he's a werewolf. Finnegan's brow boasts a new cut on it, but probably a week old — most likely from the after party of the last time she saw him, which of course was the first time he met her.

He himself holds what looks like a whiskey on the rocks, rattling the ice once before taking a swallow. His gray eyes slide toward the bouncers that threw out the two men last time, and he scowls slightly.

Bringing the bottle top her mouth, Shikoba almost immediately stiffens at the approach of Mattias. She takes care to relax her shoulders and tilts her head to one side, her neck popping softly. She takes a medium length swig from her bottle before letting it fall back to her side. She rests her elbows on the bar behind her.

She turns her head to her left as the drawl catches her attention. Her lips quirk into a lopsided smirk. "I like to live dangerously," she says through a chuckle. She lifts the bottle to her mouth and takes another drink as if to rub it in.

The newvie glances to his left when he hears the other werewolf speak, tensing up because of Finnegan's teasing. He sits straighter, taking another glance around the room before ordering a Guinness, giving up on trying to translate and figuring that they would at least have that.

The music in the the background fades out and that's all the announcement that the crowd gets before the night's band starts up. A drum set, a couple of guitars and one lead singer take over the night's music. It's still fitting the alternative genre, but is decidedly angrier. Which might be explained by the somewhat aggressive style of the vampire at the mic.

Locals might recognize Harper and her sometimes-bandmates, but being mostly underground, she is used to being a fresh face to the masses.

Daniel finds himself back at the Reseda, for the moment just another face joining the masses. Finding a couple of familiar faces by the back bar in the forms of Finnegan and Shikoba, he weaves his way in between the fans of tonight's latest act to join the pair of werewolves. "Well, back again for more," he greets affably. Overall his trajectory lands him in the spot beside Mattias, and the man is quick to order a drink.

"Oh, it's the vampire singer!" some of the patrons can be heard saying near the bar, moving closer to the stage to get a better view. Finn raises a brow to look over at the stage and huffs a soft chuckle of sort.

Daniel too gets a nod of acknowledgment, and then Mattias surveyed through a less familiar gaze. "Seen Ryel?" Finnegan asks the other two wolves, loud enough for Mattias to hear, perhaps, the name Ryel known in the area as one of the ancient wolves — perhaps a warning to the newvie not to try anything too … vampirish… in the wolf-owned bar.

With a grin and a wave to Daniel, Shikoba nods. "Back again. I just can't seem to stay away." She tips her nose to the stage. "How can one resist the atmosphere and the veneered class of the joint?"

She looks over to Finnegan and lifts her brows, "I haven't seen him this evening. Are you expecting him?" she asks, looking mildly curious. She brings her bottle to her lips and takes a drink, the lime inside bounding around inside as she finishes it off. She sets the bottle on the bar, but doesn't order another one just yet. She remains focused on the two other mutts, for now almost ignoring the newvie by her side.

Mattias nods in thanks as his beer arrives, taking a long drink. He doesn't think he's in immediate danger, so he figures that he can at least finish it, but the newvie definitely gets the feeling that he doesn't want to stick so close to the three werewolves.

One more drink and he's finished, setting the empty glass down before spinning on his chair and getting to his feet, headed closer to the stage but still keeping a cautious eye on the others.

Heedless of the people they're performing for, the band carries on, perhaps getting louder over time. When people come toward the stage, fans or the curious, she plays up to them, stomping boots at eager fingers or growling down at those closest to her. It seems to be a hit among those who actually know her, like mildly violent behavior might just be a signature.

"Hey, stay classy," Daniel replies to Shikoba, reflecting her grin in his own smile and accepting his drink from the bartender - Jameson straight out the bottle. He moves out of the way for Mattias, sending a glance in the direction the newvie heads and the stage after it. "Haven't seen him since the other night, but you know there's an 'N-th' time for everything," he adds in answer, "though if I do see him I'll have to submit a comment about the choice of music this establishment plays."

"I kinda like it. But then I like Nine Inch Nails and Tool," says Finnegan. This news is probably not news to anyone who's spent a few moments with the cranky werewolf, though it's possible he likes country music, given that drawl.

Those with supernatural hearing might hear, between one song and the next, a strange clanking sound, something like chains — but it could be the body shop next door closing up for the night. Nothing to worry about.

Just around the same time as that small bit of warning, the bartender heads to the phone behind the bar top to call a cab at one of the club goer's request — and anyone watching can see him push the button on the phone to try to get a dial tone. "Fucking phone's out," he mutters, then reaches for his cell phone to make the call (which begs the question why the girl asking him to call the cab can't do the same herself).

"What the fuck?" he mutters, holding up the phone in the classic trying-to-find-a-signal pose.

This invites everyone within range and view to check theirs. No luck. No signal.

Bad news.

With that, there's a sudden crash of glass — those closest to the stage may not notice at first, given Harper's loud music. A molotov cocktail lands in the midst of the dance floor; if the extra fuel from the contents of the bottle wasn't enough, the spilled alcohol from various dancers' drinks adds to the fire.

"Truthfully, I am not sure why I come here. I think I may be a decade too old for most of the crowd." Shikoba says with a wry, closed mouth laugh. She lifts a shoulder, bringing one of her ringed fingers to her cheek to brush away a hair from her pony tail and letting it fall back into place. "But, the music isn't bad- reminds me of-" Shikoba starts to say before trailing off, obviously distracted by something.

Her brows comes together as she looks around the bar, pressing her lips into a thin line. "Did you hear tha-" she begins to say before drifting off again, this time her attention pulled to the bartender. Her pursed lips quickly turn to a frown.

Like everyone else in the immediate area, she pulls her phone from her pocket and checks it. She curses under her breath just as the crash of glass reports in the bar.

Her entire demeanor changes and she almost growls , tensing against the bar, the muscles in her arms flexing as the floor catches alight. She scans the bar, perhaps looking for a fire extinguisher, or perhaps just scanning the bar for more trouble.

Although physically Mattias was close to the stage, having his attention turned towards the trio keeps him from immediately noticing the cocktail. As soon as the reactions start to ripple through the crowd and the glow of the fire grows brighter though, he's out of there, dashing straight to the other side of the club, werewolves or none. He jumps, clearing the bar, albeit messily, and finding a nice place to hide.

As a result of catching a few drinks on his way to safety, a decent portion of his pants are now covered in alcohol, meaning he has to be even more wary of the flames.

The music tumbles into a graceless pause as the band notices the fire. Harper steps forward to put a boot on the edge of the stage as she uses her mic stand as a sort of support.

"Hey. Who's stealing the show?" The question posed in a lazy sort of Californian, as if clearly pronouncing all the syllables is too much work. "Who wants to come up on stage?" At her direction, the band members start helping people away from the fire, and hopefully in a safer manner than letting there be an out and out stampede for the doors. "Hey Joe," she calls to the bartender, "Got room for company over there?"

Though not hard of hearing, Daniel has none of the supernatural ability that the other woman has. He does, however, notice her drifting off distractedly. "What is it?" An arch of his brow is all that gives first reactions-wise, Daniel isn't the most panicked when others pull out their phones to check. That changes significantly when a molotov comes hurtling through, crashing and fire all spilling all around. A crude curse escapes him, lost amidst panicked cries. The drink is forgotten, as he motions to Shikoba and Finnegan for their attention. « Trying the doors! » he 'announces' to the wolves, and off the lawyer goes wading in that direction.

Many of the club goers begin to panic as they realize they can't call 9-1-1 or get out of the doors — some of them get there before Daniel, finding the various exits barred somehow.

Those with more common sense listen to Harper, climbing up on the stage or heading toward the bars away from the the fire, which one of the bouncers has already managed to stamp out.

Finn glances toward Daniel and gives a nod, then adds, «Checking with the local strays,» he adds. It might be another slur against their kind, but it seems earnest enough.

"Back up, we'll get the doors open," one of the bouncers tells those clustered there, a few already sporting some injuries from the minor stampede — a bruised eye, a bloody nose, a scraped knee. Luckily it's not that busy a night.

Just as he reaches the door, there's a loud blast, closest to that door but unfortunately, not close enough to blow it open.

Suddenly, there's chaos.

Some of the crowd is on the ground, writhing in pain or not moving at all… it takes a few moments to realize it was a pipe bomb, and the shrapnel specifically intended to hurt the Fey, though it does brutal damage to the mortals as well. Silver, iron, wood.

Giving a single nod to Daniel as he runs off, the mongrel woman holds her frown as details come together in her mind. «Good call. I heard something that sounded like chains earlier…with the phones out…» Shikoba looks to the bartender, "Give me either a fire extinguisher, a bucket of ice or the largest bottles of cheap beer you've got- whichever is fastest." She seems remarkably calm, all things considered. «There isn't much for the fire to catch on since most everything is cement in here. Once the alcohol is spent, it should go out…but people are generally stupid and will most likely spread the fire and fan the flames toward the stage, which can catch fire.»

She waits on the bartender for a moment before looking at the sad little newvie who jumped behind the bar. "You see any buckets of water back there for dirty glasses?" she asks. "Faster would be-"

"Shit!" she yells as the bomb goes off. Reflexively, she brings her arms up, though there isn't much reason to as far as she is from the bomb. «Anything from the strays? Want me to put out a call as well?»

«What about the…back door? Think those are locked down?» She turns her dark eyes on Finnegan, tilting her head to the basement door. «We might be able to get some to safety.» Shikoba looks around the bar, her eyes scanning through the crowd as best she can. She hyper-focuses her hearing, 'listening' for timers and anything she can outside in the hopes to locate any additional bombs.

The vampire glances up when the woman addressed him, looking across the shelf quickly and nodding, grabbing the bucket and bringing it up for her to grab. "Fuck!" He yelled as the bomb exploded, dropping the container and spilling water all across the floor behind the bar. He took advantage of the mess that was left, pushing some of it onto his jeans in the hopes that it would mitigate some of the alcohol.

He peers up after hopefully washing the flammable substance off, trying to see what was going on without exposing himself too much.

Harper ducks at the sound of the bomb, covering her face before she notices that it's too far to hit her. Her annoyed growl is probably not audible over the noise, but the feedback is as she grabs the mic stand and hops off the stage with it. The mic falls behind her somewhere along the way, but the butt end of the stand helps her push her way through the people to find the back door. And then she starts slamming it against the locked doors. And it looks very much like she has a considerable amount of strength behind it.

"Shit." Daniel doesn't even need to try the doors now. And with the press of crazed people growing near the main door way, he aborts the decision to continue to try the doors now. He instead backs up, giving the bouncer the room to crash the doors… up until the bomb goes off. Daniel ducks back, ears now really ringing from the concussive force. From the expression on his face, he buckles down on the deeper urges to turn and simply flee. "Back! Everyone to the back!" he calls out in general now. Ryel will just have to deal with the employees only door being invaded.

"Good idea," Finn mutters to Shikoba. "Do that."

His head cocks in the direction of the street, though not for any sounds coming from there. «Silver Bullets. One of the strays saw their motorcycles a moment ago. Anyone know any wolves out there to get them to call 9-1-1?» Apparently whoever gave him the 4-1-1 on the Silver Bullets doesn't have a phone, or opposable thumbs.

He starts running for the door where Harper's trying to get through, grabbing a bar stool to take with him.

One of the bouncers is among the wounded, possibly dead — he hasn't moved. The other is trying to get the front doors open, but doesn't seem to have any supernatural ability to do so.

It's too late, but a lull in the screaming allows Shikoba to hear the ticking of not one, but two more bombs — one closer to the bar where she, Matthias, and Daniel stand, and one closer toward where Finn joins Harper at the back door.

They go off within two second of each other — Ba-Bam! Luckily most of the other club goers are on the stage or by the front doors still.

Setting down her phone on the bar, Shikoba begins pulling off her rings and bracelet and set them next to her phone. Her muscles tense as she pulls off her earrings, setting them with the rest of her jewelry. She rests a hand over her chest, just over her heart as it begins to race in the sight (or rather mostly the sound) of all the chaos.

Sweat beads on her forehead as she fights for inner calm.

This calm goes out the window as she hears the duo of bombs- one nearby.

Within seconds, the native american woman is gone and in her place is a large, dark brown and black grey wolf- Canus Lupus. Her boots remain on the floor and her jeans, now ripped along with her belt lay on the floor along side the sad remains of her torn silky shirt.

«We need to get ou…» her warning comes far too late as the bombs explode almost in unison. The large wolf jumps and run away from the explosion, but is winged by the flying shrapnel- luckily for her, it seems to be a bit of steel or iron that caught her. That, of course does not stop it from causing her to tumble from the force.

Once he sees the native american woman removing her jewelry, Mattias knows that things were getting really bad. He runs along the back of the bar, half ducked behind it, slowing him down, but also hopefully keeping him a bit more protected. The newvie wasn't expecting the bomb to be right under them, though, and he wasn't far enough when the blast occurred. Shrapnel flew around him, and a piece of the wood from the bar made contact, shooting in through his back, passing between his ribs and tumbling out the other side. The vampire cries out as it tears through him, although he's lucky enough that it doesn't hit anything vital.

The vampire brought his right hand up, pressing against the wound and just barely keeping himself moving, near-crippled by the pain.

The bombs go off and Harper is tossed back against the crowd, her mic stand smacking into someone next to her. A silver bullet misses the werewolves around her and grazes her across the cheek. She tumbles back into Finnegan, and regardless of his wounds, uses him as leverage to get back up to her feet.

Not as lucky as some of the others, Daniel is the middle of helping redirect others towards the exit when the second and third bombs go off one right after another. A large blast of shrapnel peppers the crowded mass and the majority of it strikes Daniel across the left side of his arm and shoulder. The pain is blinding upon immediate realization that he's been hit with not just ordinary shrapnel, but silver debris. He falls to a knee and plants a hand on the ground, breathing hard, adrenaline surging to the fore. The change is inevitable, and within seconds the wash of grayish white fur rips the seams of his ruined clothing further. Where a man once kneeled then stands a very large wolf panting and bleeding amidst the fray.

"Can we get it open?" is Finn's breathless question to Harper before he is hit, a silver knife slashing his ribs and sending him to the floor with a growl, first just a human expression of pain and then an instant later, a literal growl from a large wolf. When Harper uses him as leverage, she'll feel his shirt give way to fur and hear him snarl at her; her hand is now too close to his bloodied wound.

He takes a run and leap at the door, slamming into it, apparently intent on doing what he started — getting the door open. «Get them to the basement» is shot back toward the others, unaware that the bombs blasted them as well.

Others didn't fare as well — the bartender lies unconscious, his head leaking blood, and at the sight of now three large wolves amongst the chaos, some of the humans start screaming anew.

Blood seeps from Shikoba's wound and into her fur, matting it against her haunch where she was winged by the flying metallic shrapnel. After a moment of laying on her side, the large darkly colored wolf get to her paws, panting with an open jaw, tongue falling lax over her teeth. The wolf lopes through the chaotic crowd, limping along through the wounded. Slowly, she begins to move faster, heading toward the other wolves in the area-specifically the now open basement door.

On her way there, she attempts to herd in as many people as she can, though, in wolf form, this may be a futile effort. Only a couple of "groupies" allow themselves to be herded to the door as she yips and them. «This is very bad.» She attempts to grab onto one of the fallen, but still breathing people she passes by, taking the edge of their pant leg in her teeth to drag them.

When she gets to the door, she barks, trying to get the attention of the people around her and pointing at the door with her muzzle. She barks again and points again, the groupies heading to the basement door and hopefully down the stairs.

The bloodied vampire kept moving slowly, getting a bit of a speed boost by trying to pull himself along with his arm on one of the alcohol shelves, but any time gained was lost in the paralysis that followed due to the pain from accidentally using one of his damaged muscles. After a few seconds of shaking in place from the pain, he manages to collect himself enough to keep moving, now finally reaching the end of the bar and almost crawling through the low exit, starting to move towards the next one over, unaware of the basement exit.

Feeling fur has Harper's smooth shifting to her feet turning into a jump away from the over-sized wolf. She subconsciously wipes her hand off on her jeans as she watches him take a running charge at the door. She's not far behind to alternate with a heavy kick of her own. When she looks over at wolfy Finnegan, there's an out of place smirk, but at least she's not going in for flippant pejoratives when the fur's flying.

Those who have the common sense to realize Shikoba the human was trying to help them a few moments before and that Shikoba the she wolf is doing the same move toward the basement away, hopefully, from any bombs. But there are those few who are, to put it bluntly, freaking out, and trying to get as far away from the three large wolves, screaming and stampeding toward the front doors, stampeding those injured that haven't moved from the place.

Just as the area is cleared, another molotov cocktail comes through the broken window, hitting the bar and igniting on the broken bottles of alcohol The combined force of Harper and werewolf Finnegan manages to break the chains on the outside door; Finnegan goes tumbling out, falling on his injured side and whimpering once.

The cooler air from the outside blows in, and with it, the sound of sirens in the distance — hopefully they're on their way to the bar, but if not, someone's cell phone might work outside.

Having to take a moment to recover, Daniel in his other form shakes off some of the pain and blood, but the silver and other shrapnel embedded in his left foreleg and shoulder don't go away so easily. «Don't even bother with them, Lassie, just get out of here before the police come,» he growls half in pain, half in annoyance from all the screaming and panic. The giant gray wolf rallies to snap at the stray people going the wrong way towards the chained doors however, probably looking vicious no matter how well-intentioned he happens to be, and limps his way out towards the streets on the heels of the others.

One of the groupies takes the hint and pushes wide the already cracked basement door. Whoever cracked it open has either already headed downward or ran off in some other direction. Those that allowed themselves to be herded by the dark wolf make their way through the door. With another bark, Shikoba attempt to get others to follow. She looks down at the injured person she pulled over to the door and barks again, trying to get the attention of someone else.

Eventually a couple of young surfer looking guys come over. She nods her muzzle down at the injured man. "Whoa, dude. He needs help." The wolf huffs and nods its head at the obviously inebriated men. The two guys grab the injured and make their way through the door.

Looking back toward the bar and the new flames she begins to lope toward them, trying to drag away more injure from the heat and flame.

Mattias, noticing that everyone is moving from the hopeless front door to the basement, turns himself to follow the crowd. Fighting through the pain, he puts his hand on the bar and manages to get himself at least mostly upright, making trampling less of a worry. He slowly makes progress towards the door, still cautiously staying to the side of the flood of people in case there was anyone who was particularly enthusiastic in their escape.

Harper stumbles out on Finnegan's heels, skidding to a halt before she hits him again. her first order of business is to whip around to look for bodies guiltily running off, but gives up with a huff before she turns to Finn.

"Suck it up, tough guy," she starts, and her smirk slowly forms again, "Or I will." Free to snark now, she glances back his way with a quick wink before she looks back at the club. "Might be the best show I've ever done." There may just be a hint of excitement over just how much blood is free flowing back in there.

Daniel flicks his ear in the direction of Harper's comment to Finnegan, giving the vampire a stare worthy of an echo back to the vampire-werewolf rivalry. That is all the mean-spiritedness he has left, and instead limp-trots over to Finnegan's side to nose the other wolf, encouraging him to get back up. «We need to leave, all of us. Now,…» he speaks in that wordless pack-mind to the wolves he knows. «Before the real trouble comes.» And of course by trouble, he means the quickly approaching sirens.

Finnegan growls at Harper, pulling himself to his feet again and padding slightly back into the door to grab his jeans gingerly in his teeth. His wallet, cell phone, keys and vehicle for non-nakedness reside in those pants at the moment. «It was the Bullets. Targeting Ryel.» It seems he might argue, decide to stand his ground, but he's wounded and still in danger, so he begins to lope off, a bit crookedly, given the gash in his side.

The sirens come closer, and those who can tell the difference can hear fire engines, police, and ambulances. Those able to walk begin to make it to the sidewalk, and those in the basement, saved from at least the last of the bombs, start to slowly come back up — only after seeing what lies in the basement: a fighting cage that is definitely not on the Yelp reviews for this venue.

Shikoba begins dragging another victim of the explosions away from the flames, this time using their rather expensive looking leather pants to hold in her teeth. The necklace she was wearing earlier hangs around her neck hitting the floor and a puddle of blood. As she drags the body to the open door outside, limping from her wound, the necklace around her furry neck makes an odd trail of blood on the concrete floor.

She gets the injured man to the door and heads back to the flames to get someone else out. She looks longingly at the bar where she left her jewelry… and boots… and phone… and clothing. She huffs at the loss, lamenting them, but she can buy more. She finds a girl by the bar, bleeding badly. The girl looks at her and reaches out, making a horrible sound. Unlike the others Shikoba drug out, there isn't much non-skin for her to grab onto. "…help…" the garbled, feint word comes out clear among the other sounds. At the word, the wolf moves to the girl who tries to grab on. She lowers her neck down to the girl and looks at her, without much recourse, she grabs attempts to get under her, but can't. As a last resort, she grabs her arm in her mouth and drags, trying as best she can not to break through the skin. (And Failing)

«We need to help the injured out of here. The bar is going to catch any moment now and that will be hard to get out with all the liquor. But you're right, we have to get out of here.» She pauses, reaching out with her mind to the local canines in an attempt to find the best route away from the chaos of the Reseda Country Club. Eventually, she gets the girl outside.

She moves over to the wolf that was once Daniel and tilts her head, trying to show the way.
Catching on to the idea that staying here when the cops arrive probably isn't a good idea, he turns once again, this time towards the exit, although before that, he happens to lean against the part of the bar where he was before. His hand brushes against the abandoned bracelet, instinctively clutching the object. His head more clear now that the wound wasn't quite as fresh, he took it with him. Maybe he'd run into Shikoba again, after all, and failing that, at least it looked expensive.

"Oh, grab a milkbone, puppies," Harper says with a roll of her eyes at the stares and snarls. She turns back into the club, strolling back in now that there's an open exit to check on her band and equipment. She watches for a moment as a giant wolf drags a girl around by her teeth, but can only close her eyes and let out a long-suffering sigh.

She, for one, doesn't seem worried to be here when those sirens get here. Instead, she grabs a fire extinguisher from behind one of the bars to put out the remainder of the fires.

«The ambulances will be here soon enough,» counters Daniel to the wolf dragging out the injured girl, ears splayed in dismay and an overall feeling of tension still lingering from the silver digging into his flesh. Seeing Finnegan's retrieval of clothing and items gives him similar ideas, and after a moment's inwards debate he too slips back through the exit to seek out and retrieve where his possessions lie. The vandalism and carnage inside don't turn the wolf's stomach, but he does pause upon sight of the injured just long enough to decide he'd not be of much use the way he is.

The girl being dragged by the arm starts screaming when those big wolf teeth clamp down, albeit gentle, and as if by Daniel's summons, just then, the police pull up and run into the door after Harper.

The fire engine is right behind them, followed by the paramedics. While the fire's mostly put out, the emergency workers' jobs have just begun as there are a good two dozen injured people to process, and the paramedics will need their help.

«Let the people with two hands sort it out, and find yourself somewhere to be where you're not going to be arrested for indecent exposure once your blood pressure drops,» is Finnegan's unhelpful advice from halfway down the road.

After leaving the girl with other injured (though not quite as injured as they made their own way out of the club), Shikoba stands next to Daniel, obviously agitated by the sound of the sirens. With a wolf-like huff, she starts to lope away from the club, in the direction the canines directed her to. «Come on, let's get out of here. If we are found here, this will not go well for us.»

With a fleeting look back to the bar (and all her expensive clothing and jewelry left behind- not to mention her phone). Seeing Daniel head back in, she huffs again and lets him go back in. She begins to make her way down the road to the parking lot where her car is parked avoiding the police and EMTs and firemen. Once again, she laments the loss of her pants, since that is where her main set of keys are. But, that is the way of things for a wolf and luckily, she has a spare key under the wheel- not the smartest thing in the city, but a sad necessity for a werewolf.

Mattias wasn't too worried about getting caught here at the moment, since his visa was still good for the moment, sticking around and waiting for the EMTs to get some treatment for his wounds.

Harper lets the professionals take over once they get there, and she sits on the side of the stage to give her statement to the police, since she's not in need of medical attention like many of the others left behind. The band members seem inclined to do the same, since they got along without serious injury as well.

By the time the police arrive, Daniel's out on the street navigating one of the back streets to find a spot where he'll be able to - as Finnegan noted - not be caught with his literal pants down. Once he's finally able to change back, that is. Medical services to be gotten later, as soon as he's got his thumbs back and is able to make some calls.

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