Ability Type(s) Benefits and Range Weaknesses/Countered by
Superhuman speed Vampire The ability to move faster than is humanly possible in short bursts. A vampire with this ability could move 20 feet in two seconds. This ability could be used five times in a scene before the vampire would need to replenish his energy. N/A
Spiderwalking Vampire The ability to walk on walls and ceilings like a spider. Requires some degree of concentration, so falling unconscious or asleep will mean falling.
Night Vision Vampire, Werewolf The ability to see well in the dark without equipment within the distance range of normal sight. Cannot see someone using Shadow Cloak. Can be temporary disabled by bright lights in the eyes; will take 20 minutes or so to return to full power. Dark objects are harder to detect than light objects.
Shadow Cloak Vampire The ability to wrap one’s self in shadows, becoming indiscernible from real shadows. Shining a bright light on the area will reveal the hider as the shadows are reduced
Narcotic Bite Vampire A vampire with this ability can “drug” their victim to make them less resistant; the victim feels relaxed, feels no pain, and does not fight back. It will take an hour for the “high” to wear off. Many bites of this kind in a short period of time can lead to an overdose. N/A
Hypnotic Stare Vampire A vampire with this ability is able to mesmerize a victim through eye contact, making them easy to attack. The effect wears off ten seconds after eye contact is broken, though it’s impossible for the victim to look away on their own volition while mesmerized. The victim stays stationary and cannot speak unless the vampire with the ability asks them a direct question; their speech is slow and soft when they answer. They are not compelled to speak the truth, however (though Faerie cannot lie directly). F2s with Immunity are immune.
Self Healing Faerie, Vampire, Werewolf The ability to heal one’s own wounds except those caused by specific items (relative to each type). This is not instant; the healing rate is twice as fast as it would be for a human. Faerie cannot heal iron damage, Wolves cannot heal silver damage, and Vampires cannot heal burns by fire or sunlight, or wounds caused by wood. Wounds caused by vampire teeth or a werewolf's claws or teeth cannot be self healed by any type.
Emotional Vampirism Vampire A vampire with this ability can supplement or supplant his diet by feeding off extremely strong feelings in his victims. The victim will be drained of the emotion, whether good or ill, and feel “flat” and apathetic for 12 hours after such a feeding. A vampire surviving mostly on emotional feedings will still need blood at least once a week. The vampire needs to be within 10 feet of a (single) target to feed in about 30 minutes, or can feed within 5 minutes of sustained skin-to-skin contact. The longer without food, the more hungry the vampire will feel.
Supernatural Sense Vampire, Werewolf This is the ability to sense something that normal humans would not (e.g. to smell a lie, taste fear, or feel danger present. N/A
Dominance Werewolf This ability allows the W2 to seem more powerful and foreboding than they are, causing a target to back down. Discipline or Conviction (whichever is higher).
Venomous Claws Werewolf This ability is only used when the W2 is in wolf form. His claws are venomous and will cause extreme, searing pain in addition to the pain caused by their force; the victim will become violently ill within about five minutes, and lasting for about an hour, unable to continue their own attack. N/A
Superhuman Hearing Werewolf The ability to hear at a superhuman level, even in human form. One-block radius for quiet sounds (footsteps, normal speech); one-mile radius for louder sounds (scream, siren) While extremely loud sounds may be more irritating, they are not disabling.
Superhuman Scent Werewolf The ability to smell at a superhuman level, even in human form. One-block radius for personal scents (a specific person, perfume, a gun, blood); one-mile radius for larger concentrations (50 vampires in a building, smoke from a campfire). N/A
Kinship with Canines Werewolf This ability allows the W2 to call other canines (dogs, coyotes) within a two-mile radius to his or her aid or to communicate with them with a very simple telepathy (images or smells rather than words). N/A
Pack Mind Werewolf This ability allows telepathy with selected Werewolves who have the same ability (all Otherworld Wolves and any W2s who have the same ability) within a 5-mile radius. Cannot communicate with W2s who do not have this ability.
Mind Fog Faerie The ability to confuse and dull the senses of everyone within a 20-foot radius. Affected parties suffer temporary amnesia and have trouble making sense of their surroundings. The effect wears off within seconds once the targets are out of range or the spell is dropped. The spell can only be sustained for five minutes with extreme concentration (which makes doing other tasks impossible), regardless of size of group (area affect), and the F2 needs to wait an hour before the next use.
Incite Emotion Faerie The ability to create or augment an emotion of anyone within a 20-foot radius. Targets may be crowds or specific targets, though smaller numbers will have more intense feelings. The effect can last up to 15 minutes but will fade within a few seconds once it is dropped or the F2 is out of range. Emotions include fear, worry, calmness, anger, optimism. The F2 needs to wait another 30 minutes before using this ability again.
Soulgaze Faerie On first eye contact with a mortal or mortal-born fey, the F2 gets a telling glimpse into their soul. Driving forces and general disposition are revealed. F2 is at risk of being mesmerized by Hypnotic Stare if they do not have Immunity.
Immunity to Dominance Faerie This gives the F2 immunity to the werewolf ability of Dominance. N/A
Immunity to Hypnotic Stare Faerie This gives the F2 immunity to the vampire ability of Hypnotic Stare. N/A
Glamour Faerie, Seelie only The ability to use illusions to mask or change the appearance of reality. Most Fey can see something is false, but they cannot see the true appearance. Humans will be deceived unless the illusion is too unbelievable. Glamours will wear off any item or person within an hour or once the F2 is no longer present to uphold the illusion. A visual Glamour on a living thing will create a false appearance, but any Fey or F2's true nature cannot be disguised (a vampire might be disguised to look human, but his true nature as a vampire will still be evident). A Seelie can either glamour up to four things (person, animal, or object) at a time affecting a single sense or two things affecting two senses, or one thing affecting four senses. An complex animation or speech, etc. from the object will take intense concentration that renders the Seelie incapable of other actions. Seelies with this ability must wait another hour before they can use it again.
Plant Control Faerie, Seelie only This ability gives the F2 the power to manipulate plant life by accelerating its growth and manipulating its form. The target plants need to be within 20 feet of the F2. A plant or portion thereof may be made to grow to no more than twice its original size, and while this growth can be in unusual directions, it is limited by the nature of the plant; an oak may not sprout vines, for example. The plant may be animated, with concentration, and may strike or grapple with a strength appropriate to the plant — an oak branch may hit hard, while a vine would be better for grappling — up to a maximum of Might 6, in Stat Terms. The shape is limited by the original plant form and the ability of its location to sustain its growth, and the plants must still be "alive" (i.e. an F2 could cause a sapling in a yard to shoot up to its full size in a few seconds, but could not make a bouquet of flowers in a vase double in size). An F2 Seelie cannot create a plant out of nothing.
Necromancy Faerie, Unseelie only This gives the F2 the ability to raise and manipulate any dead Fey or dead mortal within a 20-foot radius for up to an hour. (This ability does not include power over vampires unless they have been killed!) The corpses must be within 20 feet to be animated and must remain within 100 feet of the Unseelie, who can control them mentally to do very simple tasks (attack, guard, break). After an hour, the dead return to being inanimate objects. The Unseelie F2 may not use the ability for an hour before using it again. Once the Dead are out of range or an hour has passed, they return to being inanimate objects.
Sleep Induction Faerie, Unseelie only This gives the F2 the ability to force an instant sleep upon a target (human, Fey or animal). The target must be touched by the F2 and they will wake as soon as the F2 is out of a 10-foot range or if violence is inflicted upon them (even if the F2 is present). Only one person can be affected by this ability at a time.
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