Bel Air Country Club

Located in the very heart of Bel Air, the social club hosts one of the highest ranked golf courses in the state. Membership is now perhaps more exclusive than it has ever been, but for those who can afford to live in the enclaves of this prestigious area that doesn’t tend to be a problem. The club and grounds are considered entirely neutral territory where no aggression or violence of any kind is permitted. The movers and shakers of the various communities meet on the golf course and put each other through challenges of a more sporting variety while discussing deals and treaties of various kinds. Quiet words in the luxurious bar change the fortunes of many and private corners are respected as being private.

The club is owned by a dummy corporation and the true owner is unknown to most. There’s speculation that it is run by some manner of consortium of the various estates in Bel Air and Beverly Hills, but the truth of the matter is near impossible to discern.

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