Beverly Hills/Bel Air

While Bel Air is part of LA, Beverly Hills is a separate city; although the two share affluence in common it’s perhaps a sign of the times that the latter has become even more exclusive. Gated communities have increased their security and as time has passed enclaves have formed from groups of those of like mind. The wealthy wolves have their own community, as do the vampires and the fae. The vampires have the largest share of Beverly Hills, but there are numerous smaller fae compounds. Unexpected visitors are not welcome, and the guards may look sharply dressed, but it’s easy to see that they’re armed and competent. Bel Air’s gates have also been fortified and are no longer as decorative as they once were, more like a check point.

There’s no one theme for housing here, whim and fancy rule the day in terms of architecture. The sprawling homes are tied together by the fact that they cost more than some people will earn in a lifetime. The foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains provide some elevation and spectacularly expensive views.

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