Andrew Black
Dr. Andrew Black
Age 24
Birthdate January 28, 1996
Origin Katy, Texas
Class Human
Affiliations Pro-Fey
Profession Computer Programmer/ Hacker
Actor Aaron Stanford

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Get ahold of Andrew if you want or need any hacking work done. Andrew will give Lower Rates on freelance programming or hacking work to Feys.



Alertness None 1
Athletics Running 1
Contacts Getting Information 4
Conviction Skeptic 3
Craftsmanship Computer Hardware 2
Deceit Forgery 2
Discipline Meditational Studies 3
Driving Cars and Cycles 2
Empathy Well Liked 3
Endurance Running 1
Guns Shotguns 2
Investigation Reserch 4
Lore Fae and Supernatural Studies 3
Performance Electronic Performance 1
Resources Software patents 4
Scholarship Software Programming, Hacking 5
Stealth Hiding 2
Weapons Medieval Weapons 2


6/17/20 Evening Hack and Slash Part I Andrew, Finnegan A hacker is hired by a bartender with little means but a lot of plans.


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