Daniel Macallan
Daniel Macallan
Age 31
Origin New York, NY
Class Werewolf
Affiliations Fidus Lupos
Profession Lawyer
Played By David Beckham

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  • He is Jameson Finnegan's half brother.
  • He has never met his father.
  • Nothing Suits Him Like A Suit



Skill Name Specifics Points
Alertness He's used to being aware of his surroundings and those within it. 2^6
Endurance High stamina and overall toughness of mind and body. 3^6
Fists A regular at the boxing gym with prior experience from living in areas where self-defense was an important skill. 2^6
Empathy His whole life has been spent reading people; their speech, body language, posture, energy… all for the sake of knowing where to put himself in the situation at hand. 5
Discipline Always remembering where he comes from and how much work and effort it took to reach where he is now. He does not like to waste time very often and as a result can focus very well on tasks at hand with dogged determination. 4
Resources A consequence of his profession and frugal ways. He has several investments and assets to spare, and a decent paycheck to subsidize projects with. 4
Athletics Taking care of himself. He’s a regular exerciser. Some might say he’s an over-exerciser on the weekends, but it’s compensating for all the sedentary life at work. 3
Deceit Well it takes one to know one. Several years of dealings, negotiations, and yes straight out lying result in a practiced sense of deception and the means of spotting it. 3
Conviction Belief in that all things will be well, but realizing that it will take effort to make it so. 2
Scholarship He has a broad sense of learning. Enjoys doing it, even. 2
Driving He might not have learned to drive very well in New York City, but he learned very quickly about driving in Los Angeles, and all the skill that it takes to handle traffic in Southern California. 1
Intimidation Something of a necessary evil in his mind, but knowing how to press one’s advantage is a vital skill. 1
Might He might not be the strongest man alive, but he can at least do all the things an healthy human can do. 1
Survival Ever since he became a werewolf, he has sought to understand the wild side of it it better. Often means going out into the wilderness for a time and roughing it. 1


Ability Name Specifics Points
Pack Mind 6
Self-Healing 6
Supernatural Sense: Motives Animals have always seemed to have a better sense of a person's true nature or intent. The way a dog can sense a human to be "good" or "bad" or "sad", like supernatural empathy. This manifests as a physical feeling that mimics the emotion of the other; fear is a chill of the spine or raising of neckhairs, love is a deep warmth, anger is tightness and tension, sadness is a heavy dragging, and so on. This also metaphysically goes beyond and finds the hidden motivations of those who try to mask them. Regardless of what the sensor feels of the situation, he experiences the emotions of the target as if the emotions were his own, even if he does not feel them genuinely. 6



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