David Green
David Green
Age Late 30s
Birthdate April 7
Origin Boston…ish
Class Faerie
Affiliations LAFF
Profession Lawyer
Actor James Spader

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David Green is a name passed around with a small smile, a smirk, or even a look of disgust by those in the upper echelons. He's a man who's made himself known through the cases he's tried as well as the impression he tends to make on those he meets.

If you're in the media, legal system, or political system, chances are you've at least heard David's name, usually followed by an exasperated sigh. Sometimes followed by an anecdote that you're unlikely to tell over dinner, but are eager to retell over a drink.

David can usually be found anywhere that's interesting, either making an impromptu public demonstration of something or other, or soaking in the atmosphere and idly making an impression on his acquaintances.



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