Emrys Hopkins
Emrys Hopkins
Age 35
Birthdate June 24, 1985
Origin Wales, UK
Class Faerie
Affiliations Unaligned
Profession Business Owner
Played By Dean O'Gorman

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The proprietor of a string of businesses in West Hollywood, Emrys Hopkins is often the target of envy, scrutiny, and other negative things ending in y. He is one of those golden boys for whom nothing seems to go wrong, the kind of business owner with the golden touch that makes others wonder if he’s pulling favors from someone on high or if he’s using more than just his charm and business sense to succeed.

He’s a hands-on owner, who is wont to drop by any of his establishments without notice, and the employees at Whiskey-a-go-go-goch, The In-Between, and Bottom of the Barrel are usually better paid than their counterparts in similar establishments. He’s not a bad sort to work for, but those who don’t like Faeries or Fey of any sort will likely always be watching their back when he’s around.


His life before the Breach is something of a mystery; background checks come up with pertinent dates but no “story” behind them: born in Wales, moved to New York, graduated college with decent grades in business from NYU. He has shown no signs of allegiance to Seelie or Unseelie, but is friend or foe to all on a case by case basis, it would seem.



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