Jameson Finnegan
Jameson Finnegan
Age 30
Birthdate April 1, 1990
Origin Virginia, USA
Class Werewolf
Affiliations Brotherhood of the Cursed
Profession Bartender
Played By Tom Hardy

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  • He is from Virginia, and despite ten years in Los Angeles, his accent is still rather obvious.
  • His full name is Jameson Thaddeus Finnegan.
  • He has three four older brothers, all lawyers. Think his name is ridiculous? His big brothers back in Virginia are Sterling Jr., Merrill, and Whitney.
  • His (as of yet unknown!) half brother is Daniel Macallen.
  • His father is a State Assemblyman for Virginia and a lawyer. He has a 100-percent record of voting yes on laws limiting the rights of Fey. He and Finn have not spoken in 10 years.



Skill Name Specifics Points
Athletics An athlete in high school (football, hockey, baseball) and then a trained ROTC cadet, Finn is no stranger to conditioning. He runs and surfs a few times a week in LA, in addition to his fighting. 3^6
Might As a werewolf, he is more powerful than a man of similar size and build. 2^6
Alertness Finn, being an outcast and considered the enemy of so many, lives in a constant state of high alert, despite his easygoing appearance. He's aware of his surroundings and takes note of anything out of the norm. 2^6
Fists Finn has been backroom cage fighting (Boxing and MMA) for the past ten years with both humans and other wolves. He's quick on his feet and, after so many years plus supernatural instincts, able to spot weaknesses and openings extremely well. 5
Guns From hunting rifles to assault weapons to handguns, Finn has been trained to shoot both moving and stationary targets. He's not sniper quality but he is fairly accurate. 4
Endurance Finn is capable of persevering despite pain or fatigue, mostly due to his training at VMI and natural stamina. 4
Weapons Aside from his hands and guns, Finn isn't well trained in other weaponry, but has a knack for making due with what's available. 3
Survival Childhood camping, Boy Scouts and ROTC have prepared Finn for living off the land if need be. He is capable of building shelter, fire building, foraging and killing his own food. 3
Contacts While he may be an outcast, he also went to school with a lot of movers and shakers. Some of them may even pity him or owe him a favor. 2
Discipline He's a bit of a mixed bag here; he is good at mind over matter when it comes to pain but he also likely to give away his emotions. 2
Driving He's capable of it, but he's not the guy you want behind the wheel of the get-away car. He's also terrible at parallel parking. 1
Scholarship He is by no means dumb, but he's pretty much turned his back on his academic life. 1
Investigation He isn't much of a detective, but he's capable of eavesdropping when people have interesting conversations around him! 1
Stealth Not the smallest or the fastest or the least noticeable, he can manage to move quietly in the shadows at least. 1


Ability Name Points
Pack Mind 6
Self Healing 6
Kinship with Canines 6


Date Title Location Summary Cast
7/1 Spay and Neuter Your Pets Grand Central Market A meeting with a supposed enemy is more bark than bite. Harper
7/5 A Long Night in Reseda Reseda Country Club The fireworks continue on July 5 thanks to the Silver Bullets. Harper, Mattias, Shikoba
7/6 Silver Shot Fey Clinic Injuries take two men to the same doctor. That's not all they have in common. Daniel
7/8 Silver Shot Panera A doctor is 'diagnosed' by the laymen in a chance encounter. Halvard
7/11 Team Players Stonehurst Recreation Center Finnegan's not one. Shikoba, Mattias
7/12 Fey Friendly? Bottom of the Barrel Vampire-Werewolf socio-politics and a dirty Cricket. Harper


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