Dr. Halvard Robert Steiner
Age 53
Birthdate 14 August
Origin Bethesda, MD
Class Human
Affiliations None
Profession Doctor of Emergency Medicine, UCLA Harbor Medical Center
Actor Ed Harris

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Everyone who is on a first-name basis with him calls him Hal.

Not only is he fairly fluent in both Spanish and French, but because he has use those languages while treating patients from all around L.A., he knows more than a few really descriptive words and phrases.



Skill Name Specifics Points
Scholarship Emergency medicine 5
Fey medicine 4
Spanish and French 3
Discipline 18 hour shifts in ER? Sure. 4
Endurance Can stay on his feet and moving for hours. 4
Investigation Diagnosis, medical research 4
Athletics Runner and cyclist. 3


Date Title Location Cast
July 7 Suppertime The Japanese Garden Halvard and Mattias
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