Harper Phillips
Harper Phillips
Age 29
Birthdate February 3, 1991
Origin Los Angeles, CA
Class Vampire
Affiliations Bloodright
Profession Musician
Played By Fefe Dobson

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  • Harper is a local singer/songwriter, known in LA's clubs and smaller venues as a regular around the town. Plays guitar. Is sometimes accompanied by a band, but not always.
  • Her father is Owen Stevenson, a judge and advocate against the rights for the Fey, pushing the agenda that they're a risk factor to be controlled.



Athletics Finesse. These days she's all about dodging and escape. A bit of parkour thrown in the mix to make it interesting. 2>6
Deceit Falsehoods are a bit of a game for her. She likes it. Misdirection is more useful, but she is equally talented at them both. 2>6
Might Breaking and Lifting. While she prefers to skip out of a fight she can't win, if she can win, it's nice to be able to really do some damage. 3>6
Performance Her true passion is music. As a singer/songwriter of the Rock variety, she's not in a genre that will get her on the charts, but she is good with a guitar and knows how to put on a show. 5
Discipline Emotional Control. She can keep herself in check. She doesn't show anything she doesn't want to, if she can help it. 4
Fists Brawling. She's more attack than defense, since her first defense is a good pair of running shoes. 4
Contacts She knows a guy for that. She's got a guy who knows a guy for that. Whatever that is. A 'guy' for every need. 3
Craftsmanship Auto mechanic. She picked up the trade along the way. It isn't something she has much of a passion for, but she can fix up cars and keep them running. 3
Intimidation Stare Downs and Threats. Harper likes to keep people scared of her, from time to time. It helps the image. And getting her way. 2
Resources Money Money Money. She likes her money, even if she can't always hang onto it for long. She knows how to get it, that much is for sure. 2
Alertness Combat Initiative. Strike first, strike hard. Or else get a head start in the escaping part. 1
Conviction Mental Fortitude. She doesn't like psych 101, okay? And she's got her stubbornness to back her up. 1
Driving It's LA. Gotta know how to drive and especially know how to drive around thousands of other people who may not exactly be very good at it in a city with tight streets and crowded freeways. 1
Endurance She's not bad at taking a beating, if she has to, but golly she would prefer not to. 1


Shadow Cloak 6
Supernatural Sense: Health Harper can get a general sense of a target's health. She can't give you a diagnosis, but she gets a general understanding. Infection, virus, tumor, open wound, mental illness, etc, she can feel the blips in an unhealthy body. 6
Narcotic Bite 6


Date Time Title Cast Summary
10/12/20 Dusk Mere Coincidence Daniel, Finnegan, Harper Once more, a trio of unsuspecting Fey wind up in a peculiar, if not entirely unexpected, situation.


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