Henry Sawyer
Henry Sawyer
Age 27
Birthdate May 2
Origin Beverly Hills
Class Human
Affiliations LAPD
Profession Night Cop
Actor Chris Evans

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As a night cop, Henry doesn't see much of the daylight and isn't all that well known around town. Except, maybe, by those who exclusively come out at night.

People in the local music scene might know him, not directly, but rather as the friend of his work-partner Jason who is starting to make a name for himself.



Skill Name Specifics Points
Alertness 4 Sensing trouble
Athletics 3 Chasing
Burglary 0
Contacts 2 Police Force
Conviction 1 Faith In The System
Craftsmanship 0
Deceit 0
Discipline 2 Adherence to the Law
Driving 2 Chases
Empathy 1 Reading People
Endurance 4 Pushing the limits
Fists 3 Brawling
Guns 3 Handguns
Intimidation 2 Interrogations, Now Play Nice Kids
Investigation 4 Crime scenes, questioning suspects
Lore 0
Might 5 Physically subduing, wrasslin'
Performance 0
Resources 2 Salary and allowance
Scholarship 1 Criminal Justice
Stealth 1 Tailing
Survival 1 Nighttime Patrols
Weapons 3 Identifying weapons, IDing concealed carry



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