John Black
John Black
Age 40
Birthdate June 1, 1980
Origin Los Angeles
Class Faerie
Affiliations Unseelie Court
Profession Economic Hit Man
Played By Jim Caviezel

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Alertness Combat Initiative. Some people are ready to fight on the drop of a hat. Some people are ready to fight while the hat is dropping. Black John believes in the virtue of having everyone’s throat cut before the hats even get touched. 6
Conviction Resolute. Knife fighting is perhaps the most psychologically brutal thing a human being can do. Without unshakable self-conviction you’ll be a chalk outline. 3
Deceit Lying With The Truth. As with all Fae, he cannot tell a fib. That’s actually the biggest fib of them all. 6
Discipline Emotional Control. No self-respecting Unseelie would ever permit compassion, charity or sympathy to factor into his decisions. 1
Empathy Spotting Weakness. The fight should already be over before a blade ever gets drawn. 1
Endurance Mind Over Matter. He doesn't mind because you don’t matter. 3
Fists Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He’s rather a novice here, but mostly because grappling in a knife fight is a suicide attempt. 1
Guns Handguns. He doesn’t like firearms. They’re too noisy and too prone to running out of ammunition. You never hear of someone getting shot twenty-seven times, but getting stabbed twenty-seven times is a different story… 1
Intimidation Implied Threats. Unfortunately, he’s found that most people are idiots who are too dumb to notice implicit threats. Reluctantly, he’s begun to become more overt. 4
Lore Unseelie 2
Resources Money Talks. He no longer has access to the mad money of his financier days, but he’s still living the high life. 2
Scholarship Finance. Most of the techniques he used have since been deemed illegal, but that’s not the same as being unprofitable… 3
Stealth Nighttime. A Klingon proverb says that a thousand throats may be slit in one night by a running man. For that one quote alone, John will forgive Star Trek fans for being gormless nerds without lives. 6
Weapons Daggers. Swords draw attention, but a good dagger or folding knife is almost as lethal and orders of magnitude more concealable. Many people think a folding knife isn’t a lethal weapon on account of how it doesn’t fire a bullet. John plans on never allowing them to learn otherwise. 5


Immune to Dominance
Immune to Hypnotic Stare
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