Jordan Davis
Jordan Davis
Age 32
Birthdate July 4, 1987
Origin Los Angeles, CA
Class Faerie
Affiliations Seelie
Profession Perfumer/Market Overseer
Played By Emma Stone

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  • Jordan is the mind behind The Market and is generally found in that area.
  • Gossamer is the name of her perfume company, which is known for it's antique practices and unique fragrances (as well as interesting scent names).
  • Jordan has a sorted past dealing much in corporate sabotage. Obviously, this is not widely known information, but the result is that she's known to lend a hand in seedy dealings, so long as her slice of the pie is big enough. And by pie, she means money. And by slice, she means stacks and stacks of bills.
  • Jordan is Mombi's, so if you have any questions, @mail!


A mind for business and a head for money direct much of Jordan's focus. She's known for her no-nonsense attitude, her difficult sense of humor (mainly that it's hard to tell if she has one) and her snarky turns of phrase. She's certainly intelligent, if not terribly good at being pleasantly social. But she doesn't seem to believe she has anything to prove to anyone, and most certainly doesn't owe anyone anything.

She makes sure of that.


9/28/20 Wee Small Hours Triage Daniel, Jordan A lawyer walks into a market…


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