June Townsend
June Townsend
Age 25
Birthdate March 20, 1995
Origin Lanesboro, Minnesota
Class Human
Affiliations None
Profession Hair Stylist
Played By Jenna-Lousie Coleman

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  • New to town, just settled in with a new apartment and a new job at a swanky LA salon.



Craftsmanship Do It Yourself. June is good with her hands. DIY is a staple of her life since she was a tiny thing. Crafts and woodwork are a hobbie, but her true talents are in hair styling. It's the one realm she's had actual training in, instead of having to teach herself or logic it out. 5
Empathy A Shoulder To Cry On. June's a good listener. She cares for people as a default and her heart goes out to those in pain. She's been known to tap into the emotional ambiance of a room, and have her own moods tugged and pulled with the tides of other people's highs and lows. 4
Resources The Frugal Gourmet. June pulled a Prodigal on her family, taking her chunk of the inheritance and striking out on her own. She's got a good job with good pay and better tips, as well as a natural disposition toward the practical. 4
Burglary Youthful Indiscretion. She'd call it a life skill, rather than criminal activity, as growing up in the outskirts led to a lax attitude about such things. At least in her family. Being able to pick a lock and hotwire a car has saved her on more than one occasion. 4
Guns Shotgun Bang. This is a strictly hunting style knowledge of guns. She can use shotguns and the like very well, but hasn't hand much to do with other types of guns. 3
Driving Wheel Man. She can handle herself behind the wheel of just about any vehicle. She grew up on big trucks and tractors, but has since swapped to sedans and coupes. In her youth, there were a lot of empty land that she could rip up, so she's not a stranger to somewhat dangerous handling. 3
Performance Spectator Sport. June loves the arts, but has no knack for them herself. She knows about arts, music, plays and literature, but enough to appreciate, not participate. She does enjoy a good dance here and there, though. 3
Discipline Boot Camp. June grew up under strict rules and behaviors. She enjoyed rebelling against them, but they're still ingrained. She has a good work ethic and will go until she gets the job done. 3
Stealth Not Exactly Ninja. She's good at sneaking about, again from a more playful youth. But these days, it's more about blending into the crowd. She's good at going unnoticed, doesn't stand out much. 2
Lore The Basics. When it all came about about the Fey, her family went a little nuts. The kneejerk reaction isn't always a good one, though, so June did a little studying on her own, as well as just talking to people, to learn about this new brand of people. 2
Athletics Runner 4 Life. June takes care of herself and likes to keep healthy. Plus, regular exercise means she doesn't feel bad eating some cake later. 2
Investigation Ms. Drew. A natural amount of awareness coupled with an abundance of curiosity made her into a natural sort o detective. She can't run down a crime scene, but she does notice things around her. 2
Alertness Passive Awareness. June pays attention. Even when she's not particularly trying to. It's a good safety feature. 2
Weapons Improvisation. June's not good with her fists, but put a bat in her hands and she's a mess of trouble. She's good at turning everyday items into a weapon. 1
Survival Girl Scout. Living in the boonies and earning her badges have given her a solid hold on how to last in the wilderness, as well as finding a way out of it and back to civilization. And she can sell cookies like nobody's business. 1
Endurance Tough Stuff. She's not a wimp, this girl. She may not be able to fight of attackers, but she can handle extended physical labor just fine. 1
Contacts Rumors. She listens to people. People talk to her. She tends to have a finger on what's happening in the community around her. 1
Scholarship Public Library. June has a very general knowledge base, but it sits above a simple high school level education purely on her own urge to study things and learn more. That curiosity. 1



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