Max Piper
Max Piper
Age 28
Birthdate May 1, 1992
Origin Hollywood, CA
Class F2
Affiliations Seelie
Profession It varies.
Played By Felicity Jones

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  • Max's mother is still alive, though still estranged, and has a recurring part as an annoying landlady on a popular sitcom.



Skill Name Specifics Points
Alertness Passive Awareness coupled with a bit of paranoia, Max simply notices movements, sounds, and the extraordinary more than a normal person would. 2^6
Stealth She's become an expert at hiding and sneaking in and out of small spaces. 2^6
Deceit When you can't tell a lie, you get pretty good at evading and distraction. She is good at masking body language that might give her away. 2^6
Performance Despite pretending to be bad at it, she is actually talented as an actress; in addition, her many odd jobs require a bit of flair and charming the crowd. 5
Driving She's got a cab driver's license, though no cab of her own. She's a good navigator and knows the short cuts, and isn't afraid to speed. 4
Burglary Small, stealthy and good with her hands, she's capable of lockpicking, getting in and out of tight places. 4
Contacts She knows a lot of people and gets a lot of gossip, doing all the jobs she does. 3
Empathy She's not the most empathetic person, but she's good at reading people's moods. 3
Scholarship She can use the computer or cell phone to find answers quickly and is capable of researching un-classified topics. She speaks Spanish at a non-fluent level. 3
Guns She's capable with a small handgun but has no experience with anything larger. 2
Discipline Shiny things distrat her. 1
Weapons She prefers less barbaric means, usually — like fleeing in terror. 1
Investigation Using her contacts and her stealth, she could eavesdrop pretty well if she needs to. 1
Athletics She's not going to win any marathons, but she does keep in good shape via walking or jogging. 1


Ability Name Points
Soul Gaze 6
Plant Control 6
Mind Fog 6



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