Mitzi Ballinger
Mitzi Ballinger
Age 36
Birthdate June 5, 1984
Origin Los Angeles, CA
Class Human
Affiliations Crusade for Mortality
Profession Activist and Lawyer
Played By Shannyn Sossamon

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Once a fledgling attorney in the DA's office of Los Angeles, Mitzi Ballinger was recruited by Crusade for Mortality to lead the Los Angeles area chapter of the outspoken group. She is among the paid members of the group in addition to her legal work; she often takes civil cases against the Fey or criminal cases defending a human for crimes committed against the Fey. She's got a strong record in such cases, and it's bad news for anyone who finds her on the opposing side of a legal battle. There is no record of her being hurt or wronged by the Fey; if there's a reason for her activism beyond simple prejudice, greed, or fear, no one knows it.



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