Owen Graham
Owen Graham
Age 32
Birthdate July 7, 1987
Origin Kingston, Rhode Island
Class Werewolf (W2)
Affiliations None
Profession Dockworker
Actor Bredan Hines

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Skill Name Specifics Points
Alertness Danger Sense, Passive Awareness 6
Might Stronger Than He Looks, Lifting, Pushing, Carrying 6
Endurance Physical Fortitude, Working Long Hours 6
Discipline Self-Control, Focus (especially on senses) 5
Contacts Gathering Information, Rumors, Knowing the Right People 4
Scholarship Languages (Spanish), Computers, College Graduate 4
Athletics Running, Climbing, Getaway 3
Empathy Recognizing Pain, Danger 3
Performance Hobby Level Guitar and Singing 3
Resources Low Income Lifestyle but Emergency Funds Available 2
Driving Cars and Forklifts 1
Craftsmanship Minor At Home Repair 1
Investigation Eavesdroppping, Clue Spotting 1
Stealth Blending In 1
Burglary N/A 0
Conviction N/A 0
Fists N/A 0
Guns N/A 0
Lore N/A 0
Survival N/A 0
Weapons N/A 0
Deceit Not Good At Lying -1
Intimidation Too Safe Looking To Be Intimidating -2


Ability Name Specifics Points
Nightvision 6
Superhuman Hearing 6
Supernatural Sense He can smell violence after it has already happened 6

The Supernatural Sense that Owen has is the ability to smell violence after the fact. The violence sticks on locations and people both, either the victim or the person committing it, but it must have already happened. He can't tell exactly what form of violence took place, but the newer and more violent, the worst it smells. Violence against animals has a specific scent, so he can tell if it was animal abuse, and violence against Fey or humans also has a specific scent, so he can get an idea if a Fey was involved.As time passes the scent fades until it is unrecognizable. The longer ago it happened, the fainter the scent, until it fades completely. It lingers in places longest of all, a few weeks, and on victims longer than on those who committed the violence, a few days.



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