Patia Bianchi
Patia Bianchi
Age 34
Birthdate 1986
Origin Mountain Lakes, New Jersey
Class Vampire
Affiliations Bloodright
Profession Art Dealer/Philanthropist
Actor Giulia Steigerwalt

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Skill Name Specifics Points
Alterness She’s a little practiced at seeing things out of the corner of her eye. 1
Contacts She pays attention to rumors and knows who the whos are of the whos who. 1
Investigation Being a bookish little girl taught her the fine art of being quiet and just listening. 1
Lore Before she became a vampire, she knew all about them from books such as Interview with a Vampire and the Twilight Saga. 1
Intimidation Though she’s not an imposing figure, she can anger anyone if she tries hard enough. 2
Conviction She’s really hard to break under pressure and as hard headed as any Italian-American woman can possibly be. 3
Discipline She has a one track mind and can’t be derailed very easily, especially when she’s onto something. 3
Scholarship Patia is hard to beat at the task of looking anything up in a library. 3
Empathy She knows all the right things to say and when to say them. As a woman raised to become the perfect wife and hostess, she can put that learning to good use in any society. 4
Resources Her family has always been a little too well off, she profited from it before their downfall. Now she’s got all of the money. 4
Performance A Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in art history is a major source of pride and accomplishment in her life. 5
Athletics Speeding up Tai Chi is a good way to dodge a blow. 6
Deceit She’s always been good at lying, something about being turned made her that much more able to spin tales with her silver tongue. 6
Stealth She knows how to slip into the shadows and sneak away with the best of them 6


Ability Name Specifics Points
Hypnotic Stare 6
Shadow cloak 6
Spiderwalking 6



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