Phoenix Williams
Phoenix Williams
Age 34
Birthdate August 12, 1986
Origin London
Class Human
Affiliations LAFF
Profession Tea and Occult Shop Owner
Actor D.B. Woodside

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Phoenix owns the Oolong Cauldron, a combination tea and magic(k) shop, which he happily keeps open in the evenings for any various members of LAFF who might want to hold a meeting (provided they behave themselves).



Alertness Always keep an eye on what's around you. 3
Athletics Keeps himself fit and exercised. 2
Burglary 0
Contacts Loyal patrons, awesome friends. 4
Conviction Believe in me who believes in you. 2
Craftsmanship Whittling soapstone as a hobby, but not a career. Ever. 1
Deceit 0
Discipline A strong soul and willpower to spare. 4
Driving Defensive driving is your friend! 1
Empathy An ear for troubles and the intuition for the real hurts. 4
Endurance Endurance training at the gym, mostly. 2
Fists He knows very basic self-defense. 1
Guns 0
Intimidation He can turn on the intimidation when he's upset. 1
Investigation It's always good to know how to find answers. 3
Lore A studied mind for all things occult and Fey-related. 4
Might He's a strong lad, from exercise and hard work. 2
Performance 0
Resources A decent living wage and plenty of savings to boot. 3
Scholarship A learned man with a degree in Psychology. 3
Stealth 0
Survival He did boy scouts as a kid. 1
Weapons A decent knowledge of basic weapons for self-defense. 2



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