Rex Neculai
Rex Neculai
Age Unknown
Origin Otherworld
Class Vampire
Profession Silver baron
Played By John Rawls

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  • He lives in a gated mansion in Bel Air that has round-the-clock security.
  • Rumor has it he is aligned more with Bloodright philosophically, but due to the need for good PR with the humans, this is only known among vampires and those close to them. Publicly, he preaches for a need for rapport among all citizens.
  • He is less likely to be the one to dole out his judgments or warnings; this is more commonly done by his Guard.


Very little is known of Neculai aside from the fact that he was already living in the mortal world prior to the Breach, and due to his experience among mortals, elected by the ancients to be one of several Rexes worldwide. There is no Rex above him; each Rex is considered "equal," but the more esteemed were given areas with more affluence and resources — such as the western United States. Each Rex has sovereignty to run their region as they wish, though this does not mean there are not disputes among them.


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