Age Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Origin Otherworld
Class Werewolf
Profession Owner of the Reseda Country Club
Actor Alexander SkarsgÄrd

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Son to Keles, this man is much more in the spotlight than his shadowy father. He doesn't seek the limelight, but it seems to find him, and he's more than willing to reap the benefits. He is one of the few werewolves who the public knows by face.


Ryel, short for Kelryel, is the son of Keles, who most people see as the alpha wolf in the Los Angeles area. Unlike most of the Otherworld wolves, Keles has made a more public name for himself as a business owner at the helm of the Reseda Country Club (which is a dance club and bar, not a country club at all). Those in the wolf community or the criminals that deal with his father may know this is just a front for his father's less than legal dealings. The police may know as well, but tend to look the other way.

Ryel's been invited to celebrities' parties and other upscale social events, and often attends in order to give the wolf community a positive image.


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