Character Page Guide

Below are some simple instructions to help you make your character page, and to find the tools to make it easy!

  • Have an approved character.
  • Join the wiki.
  • Go to the Current Cast page in the 'Players' drop down menu in the navigation at the top of the site.
  • There are two buttons at the top of this page. The leftmost button says 'Add New Character', put you characters name there, as it appears on the MUSH.
  • That button will take you to a new character page. Put your character's full name in the Title section.
  • The page should give you the Character Page Template in the Initial Content drop down menu, but if it doesn't, select it before you start filling in information.
  • Fill in the information! The template has some instructions, but if you get lost, feel free to contact the wizards for help!
  • After you save your character page, upload a picture for the infobox and edit the filename into the source content.
  • Also, remember to tag your page with your character's Class and any Affiliations they might have.
  • Back on the Current Cast page, put your character's name in the rightmost box, the 'Add New Redirect' button.
  • This brings you to a redirect page, and should give you the Redirect option in the Initial Content drop down menu. If it doesn't, select it here. All you have to do is replace NAME with your character's name (instructions are in the template, but again, feel free to ask for help!) and hit save.
  • Oh! And don't forget to add your character and actor to the Taken Actors page when you're done!

Some Notes:

  • The buttons are set up to auto-magically set the character parent pages. If you choose to use the 'New Page' button on the side menu, be sure you type in 'char:' before your character's name (char:bob for example). And you will have to add the Parent manually, which is 'Characters'. (The parent tool is at the bottom of any page, after you click on '+Options'.
  • The Gallery is optional, Flickr is optional, but if you want a set of pictures of your character on your page, you'll have to upload them off-site and link to them, as we only allow one upload per character page, for the infobox picture.
  • Most everything is optional, really, but if you make a page, we ask that the Infobox and any commonly known notes be there. Stats and Logs and Personality and all that can be left as mysterious as you desire!
  • Editing Your Redirect: You may need to! And it can be tricky. To be able to edit the actual redirect instead of the page it… redirects to, you'll need to add some junk to the end of url in the address bar. /edit/true/noredirect/true gets you to the real edit page. where NAME is replaced with the character's name. Use /noredirect/true to look at the actual redirect page without editing it.
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