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I thought I would be brave and be the first one to use the forums to post and start hammering out some plot ideas.

With the recent events at the Reseda Country Club involving the Silver Bullets attack on the Fey community, would the more 'organized' groups (Fidus, LAFF, etc) start looking for reprisals that they can take? I can see them leaking information to the police if they find the culprits. It would be interesting to see an arrest and trial play out- but before that, the groups would have to look for more evidence and get involved in chasing down the Biker gang, maybe have a couple of low level skirmishes with the riff-raff of the gang before finding the more powerful people who ordered the attack and turning them in.

I can see Fidus Lupos (since they attacked Ryel's place specifically) trying to find the attackers. It would be an interesting plot line and get a lot fo people involved- Doctors describing injuries, police, detectives, all the Fidus people who were involved. Maybe Fidus would even reach out a hand to the Bloodright since the Bullets' attack was targeting all Fey and not just werewolves.


Fidus Brainstorming by AbstractUtopiaAbstractUtopia, 08 Jul 2013 11:40
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