Prior to the Breach, most human beings lived in ignorance of the Fey. Those who spoke of any encounters with the supernatural beings were considered delusional. There were few who had the Sight, the ability to see beyond the mundane, but most learned to speak little of their observations. That Sight came with a price — they drew the attention of the Soul-Eaters, who feed off the “Shine” of magic and those it touches. More than a few missing-person cases have gone unsolved because the culprit was a Soul-Eater.

When the Breach happened, suddenly all mortals could see the truth. The veil had lifted, and people found that they were not alone, that the stories of folklore were based on a reality that they had simply been blind to. This epiphany was horrifying to some, exciting to others; at the very least, most people’s worldviews were shaken at their very core. While humans vastly outnumbered the Fey (and still do), the powers of the Fey made them formidable opponents, and most civilized countries opted to try to work with rather against the Fey, especially as some of the supernaturals had been living among them for some time. There are, of course, individuals and organizations on all sides of the spectrum. In the United States, only humans are voting citizens and can be elected officials, though some pro-Fey groups are trying to change this.

All humans are able to recognize the Fey for what they are by basic class, though this Sight now makes all humans vulnerable to the Soul-Eaters.

Given that humans do not have any special powers, the PCs gain additional adjustment, as follows:

1 skill at 5
3 skills at 4
4 skills at 3
5 skills at 2
5 skills at 1


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