Human Groups
As is expected, human reaction to the supernatural beings from the Otherworld is a mixed bag. There are always those who fear and hate the unknown, especially when that unknown is powerful, dangerous, and just might consider you a tasty snack. There are always those who are fascinated by what is strange and powerful, and seek to get closer, for a myriad of reasons. The groups in these two camps are innumerable, and range from small and casual to large and organized. Here are some known in the Los Angeles area.


Los Angeles Friends of Fey, aka LAFF
This group is a catch-all for those who lobby for the rights of the Fey, though they are not necessarily unanimous and united on which groups deserve which rights (especially if they are more allied with the wolves or the vampires, as the two groups usually do not see eye to eye). For the most part, they argue that the Fey, especially the mortal-born "second-generations," should have the same rights as other citizens.

This is the informal name of what might be dubbed vampire groupies. They often volunteer to "donate" their blood and some wish to become vampires themselves.

This is the informal term for the werewolf groupies, despite the fact the moon doesn't play a large part in the werewolf's life. These humans are the most likely to seek to be "infected" by one of the Otherworld wolves.

This is the informal group for the human fans of the Faerie. Often they argue that the Faerie and F2s should be considered separate from the other Fey, as they are less violent (though not necessarily less dangerous) by nature.


  • Owen Stevenson (NPC) - A judge and advocate against the rights for the Fey, pushing the agenda that they're a risk factor to be controlled.

Crusade for Mortality
This is a religious group of no particular denomination that lobbies against the Fey in all aspects of life: civil rights, business, entertainment, politics, etc. They believe that the Otherworld beings are demons and inherently evil; they believe that the new generation of Fey are possessed. They have been rumored to try to exorcise the second-generation Fey, sometimes leading to injury or death, though there is no proof of this. They are a large and loud group of people with a lot of money, and thus power.

Silver Bullets
This is an informal gang mostly made up of bikers, though there are a few non-riders as well, who aren't in the least religious but are just as loud about their dislike for the Fey, especially vampires and werewolves. They aren't as likely to take their argument to court as they are to start brawls with the Fey — as long as the numbers are on their side.

Quest (NPCs only at this time)
This is an organization that is not known to the public. Made up of scientists of varying kinds, these people seek to find the answers to the Fey's power, ultimately so they can abuse it. Operating on stealth and a lot of money, they kidnap members of the Fey in order to study them and experiment with them. Only those who have fallen into their hands know of their existence — but very, very few of those make it out of the secret labs alive.

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