Hyperion Books & Brew

Hyperion Avenue was home to the first studio owned by Walt Disney and the name remains important to the company and the area. This unique little spot, just down the street from Gelson’s Market (where the studio used to be) stands out amongst the fancy boutiques and coffee shops. Wood finish has been antiqued and distressed and there’s a fair amount of barn-wood panelling throughout the room. Somehow, this manages to not detract too much from the allure of the micro-brewery and bookshop.

The booths are interspaced between wide bookshelves, all heavily laden with all sorts of tomes organized roughly by genre. The bookshop aspect of the place works mostly on the honour system; books cost a dollar and a book or two books and no dollar. Given the eclectic nature of the area, there’s always interesting finds to be had here and rarely is there not someone perusing the stock at length for something new and interesting. A section down one end of the large room, about the fireplace is a semi-circular array of overly comfortable single seats where readers can sit and engage with their purchases and their beer; it’s generally quiet but not uncommon for there to be impromptu literary discussions. There is never an actual fire here, since the hearth has been further piled up with books with the newest arrivals laid out front and center.

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