Age Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Origin Otherworld
Class Werewolf
Profession Blackmarket dealer
Actor Viggo Mortensen

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Keles, as far as most in the know can tell, is at the top of the werewolf chain in Los Angeles. While the police and authorities likely know that he is also the head of a crime syndicate, he seems to have been granted immunity — no one knows how many werewolves of either Otherworld or mundane origin there are, exactly, and no one is extraordinarily eager to find out. "Look the other way" seems to be the general rule, though humans working under him are more likely to be arrested than his wolves.

Keles has a son, Kelryel, or just Ryel, who is his right hand and is considered second in command and the more "legal" face of his father's organization.


Like many of the Otherworld Fey, details aren't known about his life prior to the Breach except by other Otherworld wolves, and they're not prone to talking about their lives much. Keles isn't keen on public attention, and usually sends someone else to represent the wolves in any sort of public forum.

He has two sons, though the younger, Kelahir, does not reside in Los Angeles, and outside of the Otherworld wolves, no one knows anything about their mother.


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