July 2020
Date Time Title Cast Summary
7/1/20 Night Spay and Neuter Your Pets Finnegan, Harper Natural rivals run into the common enemy: Tourists.
7/2/20 Night Laundry Day Max, Owen Laundry and small talk in the middle of the night.
7/5/20 Night A Long Night in Reseda Daniel, Finnegan, Harper, Mattias, Shikoba The Silver Bullets take the term "Fireworks" to a new level on the 5th of July.
7/6/20 Early Morning Silver Shot Daniel, Finnegan Wounded wolves end up at the same clinic in the aftermath of the bombing.
7/6/20 Early Evening A Cup at Joe's Mattias, Shikoba A newvie and a mongrel walk into a coffee shop.
7/7/20 Evening Suppertime Halvard, Mattias An angry cell phone call becomes strangely calm.
7/8/20 Late Morning Side Effects Finnegan, Halvard The doctor is 'diagnosed' by the laymen in a chance encounter.
7/11/20 Early Evening Team Players Finnegan, Mattias, Shikoba A coincidental encounter at the Rec Center
7/12/20 Night Fey Friendly? Finnegan, Harper Werewolf-Vampire socio-politics and alcohol.
7/14/20 Night Temper Trap Drake, Emrys, Mattias, Max, Patia People get more than caffeine when they stop in for coffee at the In Between.
7/23/20 Evening A Ducal Seat on the Neighborhood Watch John, Max A Seelie and Unseelie have two different philosophies when it comes to leadership and power, not surprisingly.
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