June 2020
Date Time Title Cast Summary
6/16/20 Morning Midmorning in the Garden of Seelie and Unseelie Max, John Two very different people with one big thing in common meet. It's not so much a "meet cute" as a "meet awkward."
6/17/20 Afternoon Hemogorgeous Henry, Max, Phoenix A pair of strangers visit a tea shop.
6/17/20 Evening Hack and Slash Part I Andrew, Finnegan A hacker is hired by a bartender with little means but a lot of plans.
6/28/20 Evening Hurt the Ones You Love David, Max, Nora Nora cries all over Max about her breakup, while David sends them cryptic notes.
6/29/20 Evening Manly Flowers Daniel, Finnegan, Ryel, Shikoba Three wolves meet in a bar…
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