North Hollywood

Settled in the San Fernando Valley, this district of Los Angeles is known for its small boutiques, thrift shops and independent theatres. Dubbed 'NoHo' by residents, it is mostly a working class neighborhood with a charming art district and population. There are several gems tucked away in this district, from the hip lounge, Skinny's, to the cozy coffeeshop, Aroma Cafe. Undergoing a transition from suburb to metropolitan center, the homes in this area represent a strange mash of condominium towers parked between one-story bungalows and small apartment complexes. With the intent to create a "walkable" urban village, the area is becoming more high density with the help of two busy metro lines stopping within the district. It is something of a hub for the Valley these days.
NoHo neighbors a pair of typical LA locations with Studio City and its famous Sushi Alley nearby as well as Universal Studios and the City Walk. Ironically, this district does not border Hollywood proper.

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