Pawn To Queen

Outside, the shop is an unassuming brick storefront with a small window cut in just to the left of the front door. The window contains a sign that, when the lights work, let the passers-by know if the shop is open or not. But the locals know that most of the time, Kix keeps her doors open. Wouldn't want to alienate the Vampire crowd, after all. Inside the slim, steel door, a black and white tiled floor stretches between faded green walls. More of a seafoam color these days.
But neither the floor nor the walls are visible much, since the store is packed with displays and wall mounts, all holding a variety of items from knickknacks to true valuables. Guitars are a big staple, but they aren't the only instruments there. The odd flute sits behind glass, often next to a set of tea cups or expensive looking vase. There are paintings and tool sets and jewelry and even some designer clothes hanging around. Price tags are always intact and easily visible. Probably so people don't feel the need to paw through the merchandise.

Important People

  • Owner: Kix (Contact Mombi if you want to work here!)
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