Port Of Los Angeles

Also called Los Angeles Harbor, the port occupies a stretch of 43 miles in total along the waterfront and covers a massive 7500 acres, then merging at one end with the Port of Long Beach. The busiest container port in the United States, the endless docks and towering piles of shipping containers are guarded by their own police force, the Los Angeles Port Police. With the somewhat unstable nature of politics and factionalism, they are not known for being the most uncorruptable agency in the state by any stretch of the imagination. All manner of contraband comes through this maze of commerce and influence with the authorities— including the Port Authority Government— is highly contested by both mortal and supernatural groups.
Air pollution is a problem here with countless ships idling for extended periods of time. That’s not to say it’s all unpleasant however; there is an esplanade with public art exhibits and fountains, adjacent to the largest cruise ship center on the western seaboard with holiday goers and tourists milling about ready to escape the city for brighter climates, or stopping in eager to travel inland and see the sights LA has to offer. The maritime museum and the aquarium also offer recreational opportunities for travellers.

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