Posting A Log

For those of you unfamiliar with wikidot, posting logs is easy! Here's the step-by-step process (while it seems like a lot of steps, it's not, once you get used to it).

  1. Once you've finished RPing, think of a name for your scene and go to the front page of the wiki site where you will find a blank white field and a button that says "New Page." Type the title in the field using proper capitalization and then click the button.
  2. The name of the title should be in the first field of the new page that pops up; the second field is for a template. Change the template to Log Page Template if something else comes up.
  3. Where you see +++LOG TITLE put in the title of your log.
  4. Where you see image log-icons/NAME_icon.jpg link="NAME" change each field for each character in the log. The first NAME in NAME_icon.jpg needs to be in lowercase letters to match the icons. For example, mykk_icon.jpg not MYKK_icon.jpg. Case does not matter for the NAME after the equal sign. That will just create the link to your character's page.
  5. Put in a location page if relevant by putting the brackes around the location your scene takes place in. If it was not a grid room, you can leave out the brackets as there is no link for the location in that case.
  6. Type a brief summary of the scene where it says SYNOPSIS. This should be no more than a sentence or two.
  7. Add a relevant quote, either from the scene or an outside source.
  8. Add the log text, taking out any OOC comments, pages, dice rolls (all results from dice rolls should be still evident within the text of the log). To make paragraph breaks, skip a line between paragraphs. We highly suggest using the Preview button to make sure you like the look of your log.
  9. Hit Save! You're done — well, almost!

The next step is posting your log on the logs page.

  1. Go to the top bar of the wiki and find Events and pull down to Current Logs.
  2. Follow the format of the table in the wiki for the date. It's okay to go back a couple of days if your scene happens before the last log on the page. Just find the correct place, keeping the logs in proper chronological order. The first log on the page should be the oldest. If your log happens on the same day as another log already on the page, put yours where it would go based on Time. You can be specific like 5 p.m. or general like Evening, Late Evening, etc.
  3. Put your log title in brackets so that the link is created.
  4. Put in the names of the characters in the scene in alphabetical order, using the brackets to create links.
  5. Put in a brief summary for the scene.
  6. Preview to make sure you like what you see, and hit Save.
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