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What humans thought were only stories and myths about supernatural beings and paranormal activities throughout history were based on the Fey in their various forms. Some of the main kinds of Fey have the ability to “infect” humans, in effect making more of themselves — usually deliberately but sometimes not. The abilities of these preternatural humans, being “second-generation Fey,” so to speak, are always a diluted form of the original Feys’. Only vampires, werewolves and the Sidhe of Faerie have chosen to do so at this point; other Fey types seem less willing or able to share their abilities with mankind.

Character Classes

No matter what class of Second-Generation Fey you may be, the following is true:

  1. The personality does not change. Conversion does not intrinsically change their personalities: they are no more a monster as a newvie than they were as a human being. That said, power can corrupt, and there are those that embrace a more monstrous way of living more easily than others. Prejudice is strong, however; it's entirely likely that others would assume your conversion has made you a monster.
  2. The change is immediately apparent. When a conversion happens, you are immediately aware of your powers, how to use them, and so forth. If you're a Faerie, you are also inherently aware of your new geas or hex.
  3. All Fey are sterile. All of the Otherworld Fey are incapable of creating new life since The Breach; this inability seems to have been passed down to the second-generation Fey as well, though no one seems to be sure why this is so. It may just be a cost that the magic has demanded.
  4. No Second-Generation Fey can sire another. That is an Otherworld power alone.

Quick Glossary

Breach, the
» The moment in 2010 that the divide between the two worlds ceased to exist. Suddenly, humans could See the true nature of the supernatural beings among them, and the Fey could no longer exist in the Otherworld. No one knows the reasons for this.

» Faerie, in the Otherworld, is the land within the Otherworld rather than the various entities that humans might consider Faeries. They refer to themselves as their specific type (i.e. Sidhe, pixie, goblin, redcap, troll). Likewise, they do not use the term Fae as a shortened version of Faerie. "Faerie" in the modern world of Los Angeles, is loosely used to mean any of Faerie's denizens as well as the "new generation" the Sidhe have created.

» Fey means wild or magical, and the Otherworld beings use it to include all of the main "kinds" of supernatural beings (vampires, werewolves, Sidhe and the other creatures from Faerie); the only Otherworld beings not considered Fey are the Soul-Eaters and possessing spirits.

 » "Fudging" a stat simply means rolling the dice for an outcome using that stat. This term comes from the system we use for dice rolls: the FATE system. To fudge a stat in-game, simply type +fudge <stat>.

Geas (pronounced gess or gesh, plural geasa)
» A taboo or obligation usually placed by a Sidhe onto another being. Seelie Sidhe commonly give their F2s a geas, often in order to protect them from some imminent doom. Any Sidhe and other members of Faerie can give a geis to other beings, though F2s may not. If a geas is broken, other members of Faerie can see that it has broken, and the "oath breaker" is shunned.

» A curse, usually placed by a Sidhe, upon another. Unseelie Sidhe commonly give their F2s a hex of sorts when giving them their abilities, though any Sidhe and many other members of Faerie can hex other beings.

Mutt, Mongrel
» Terms for someone who was once human, but after an encounter with an Otherworld werewolf, has joined the ranks of the Fey as a second-generation werewolf.

» Term for someone who has joined the ranks of the Fey as a second-generation Faerie. Comes from "new Sidhe."

» Term for someone who was once human, but after the bite, has joined the ranks of the Fey as a second-generation vampire.

» OW stands for 'Otherworld,' or the purer, stronger Fey. Otherworld Fey are able to sire creatures of their own species, but not as purely as they were once able to. Their new children are called second-generation Fey.

» The master, sheriff, or king vampire of a given area. The United States is broken into West, Central, and East. The Western Rex rules over the vampires and V2s of California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Alaska and Hawaii.

» The court of Sidhe and lesser creatures of Faerie associated with spring and summer, wilderness, birth and life.

Sidhe (pronounced shee)
» Of all the types of faerie out there, only the Sidhe have seen fit to grant powers to the humans among them.

Soul Eater
» Demons or spirits who prey on anything touched by Fey magic.

» The court of Sidhe and lesser creatures of Faerie associated with fall and winter, death and decay.

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