Reseda Country Club

The ugly concrete block of a building has nothing in common with the elite clubs its name suggests. In fact, it started as a drug store before becoming a concert venue in the ‘80s, providing a stage for many iconic punk and new age bands of the time. It fell vacant for a time, and has changed hands and purposes many times since, but recently, it has become once more what it once was. Inside, it can hold nearly 1,000 patrons in its three bars and spacious dance floor. Most weeknights, a deejay provides music but weekends lend the stage to bands not quite popular enough to sell out larger venues. There’s nothing fancy here: concrete walls are painted black, and the color-changing lights and rotating disco ball are the only respite from the black interior.

Marked prices for cover charge and drinks are outrageous, but no one ever pays full price. Beers are marked at $8-10 but no one is ever charged more than $5. Mixed drinks are $10-$12 but usually cost about $8. The cover charge is $20 on DJ nights and $30 on concert nights, but most people get in free on DJ nights and $20 on concert nights. It's a mystery no one really wants solved.

Less commonly known: After hours, this is the local of illegal cage fights in the basement, usually featuring Fey though sometimes mundane humans.

Important People

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