Team Players

Team Players

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Where: The Stonehurst Recreation Center
When: 7/11/2020
What: A coincidental meet-up at the rec center.

“If you don’t know where you’re going, you might end up some place else.” - by Yogi Berra

It's that time of twilight at the Stonehurst Rec Center where the fading glow of the sun can be seen at the edges of the horizon, but above, the sky is an ever-deepening blue. The lights around the outdoor courts have just come on for the various pick-up games of basketball and volleyball that take place every evening at the Stonehurst.

In one of the sand volleyball courts, Finnegan calls out the score, game point for his team — all humans with the exception of the lone wolf, the glint of gold in his eyes all the more evident now that it's dark out. He gives a lazy toss of the ball into the air to serve it. It's a trick serve — all of his prior serves having been sharp and powerful and toward the back of the court, this one looks too soft to make it over the net, but does, barely, sending the other team's front row in a scramble to get it, but the volley is on.

Someone with sharp eyes or a nose for blood might see the tiny spots of blood on his shirt at the waist, where he's torn his stitches sometime in the course of the game.

Unaware of Finnegan's presence, the newvie walks up to the Rec Center, having spotted it a few days earlier and now deciding to give it a shot. He is finally feeling good enough to get serious running in again, moving inside and looking around as he tries to find the best spot.

A not so thin sheen of sweat can be seen on the face of the Native American woman as she pauses in her run to look at her watch and take a swig from her waterbottle that rests on a bench near the basketball courts next to the grassy field. The cord of her headphones dangle from her ears, connected to the phone in the band on her upper arm. The chest area of her running top is darker than the rest, speaking of the hard work she has put into her run and the heat of the California evening.

Shikoba wipes her hands over her brow before taking another swig of water and returning to her fast paced run just in time to nearly get pegged by a stray basketball flying over the hoop from the court. Looking at the ball, she presses the pause button no her headphones and picks it up, turning to look at the court. One of the players there gives a shout and lifts his hand in the air, motioning for the ball. With a deft toss, she throws it back at the court.

For her efforts, she is greeted with some cat calls and a few lewd gestures from the guys on the court. Her expression sours darkly as she presses the controller on her headphones to turn the music back up. She turns her back on the men on the court and gets back to running.

The volley at the sand court takes a few minutes, the longest of the game. It ends with one of Finn's opponents lobbing the hard far too hard, over the werewolf's head in the back row.

"That's game," Finn says, retrieving the ball and tossing it toward one of his teammates. "And I'm out. Next week."

He heads toward the drinking fountain, cutting across Shikoba's path. "Small world, Corona," he says amiably enough to the jogging woman.

Seeing nothing of particular interest inside the building, the newvie steps outside, taking a deep breath before launching himself forward. He was planning on having some obstacles to worry about on his run, but just having a long enough distance would work. His shirt, brick red because he doesn't want it to show too much if he re-opens his wound, bounces slightly with each stride.

As Mattias rushes around, he notices the two werewolves, continuing for a bit while he made sure it was them before whipping around, overextending his striding leg to sort of slide himself to a stop before kicking off with it towards the pair. He winces as the stress causes the hole to reopen a touch, a bit of blood darkening the shirt slightly, but it's not anything more than an annoyance.

The vampire slows more conventionally as he approaches the lycans, coming up on the free side and slowing to match their pace. "Are there really so few places to go in this city?" He asks, between deeper than normal breaths, laughing slightly.

The blare of music from the earbuds in Shikoba's ears can be heard by someone with keen (and those with not so keen) hearing. The music is loud, angry and punk rock- the old school kind: music from before the Breach. As her path is cut across, she slows slightly, as she slows, her uneven steps can be seen with more clarity. She seems to be favoring her right leg a bit.

Turning down the volume on her headphones, but not turning them off, she gives a single, brief nod to Finnegan before speaking, "Seems like it is." Her gold tinted eyes flick to his shirt and she nods her nose toward it, lifting her brows. "Working yourself a little hard out there?"

As the newvie approaches, Shikoba narrows her dark eyes a bit. "You've got to be kidding me." She looks at the newvie, almost falling from her current pace. "It seems like the city is shrinking by the minute. If I see you over in Watts, I'm going to think you're stalking me."

Finnegan makes a face. "Doc Eddy's gonna kill me. But they'd have been short without me. What's a guy to do?" he says lightly, bending to get a drink at the fountain, and tensing when Mattias comes toward them.

He looks over at Shikoba. "I work near there, so I call dibs."

He wipes his forehead with his forearm. "Glad to see y'all made it out okay."

Mattias shrugs. "I'm just wandering around, trying to get a feel for where everything is." He says, deciding to not bring up that his apartment was in South East. The newvie nods at Finnegan. "You too." Mattias replies politely, not exactly huge on Finnegan so far.

Shikoba pauses by the fountain, hitting the pause button on her headphones and removing the buds from her ears. She tucks the cord into the band around her arm, keeping it somewhat out of the way. "I have no real excuse. I live sort of close by and I'm when it comes to what I'm willing to pay for a gym."

"Seems some of us made it out better than others." She rubs at her hip idly, her nose wrinkling slightly as she does- though it also coincides to when Mattias speaks.

She turns her attention to Finnegan, "I'm surprised we haven't crossed paths here before. Though maybe we did and I just never noticed." She shrugs idly, wiping at her sweating brow. Unlike at the club, she doesn't wear any make-up now and seems to be here to honestly work out- unlike some of the gym beauties around.

"I'm here once a week at most. Unless you mean, here, as in LA," the Southerner says, offering a hand to the other werewolf. "Jamie Finnegan. Like I said the other night, I'm not really … a team player, so to speak."

He looks to the vampire for a moment before offering his hand to Mattias as well, though just a second too slow to get any points for proper etiquette. "New in town, then?"

The vampire nods again, shaking Finnegan's hand. "Just coming up on a month now." He replies, picking up his pace a bit and hoping that the others would follow. Mattias glanced over to the sun, the last rays starting to fall out of view.

"I'm usually here three or four days a week to lift after I run. If I can get away." Shikoba says after she accepts the offered hand, albeit, briefly. "Izzie de Santigo." She tilts her head over to the volleyball courts, "Not a team player?" Her mouth quirks into a lopsided smirk, a single eyebrow lifted at the statement.

She turns her attention to Mattias, "I happened to see Mattias here over at Totonga Joe's the other day." Her eyes move between the two men and she shrugs. Tilting her head to one side, her neck cracking slightly as her braid whips around. "You here to run or looking for something …else?" she asks blandly.

The werewolf doesn't move to run with them, and shrugs, a wry grin on his face when she points out the discrepancy in his words. "Despite what my father would have had me to believe, real life and politics and all that ain't the same as sports."

He raises a brow at Izzie's mention of stealing, looking after the vampire and starting to stride in the other direction. "New in town, and already getting the street rep. Color me impressed."

He doesn't look impressed, really. "Have a nice night. Watch out for bombs, ya hear?"

"Oh, sorry. Mattias Hellstrand." The newvie says, remembering that he hadn't introduced himself to Finnegan. He frowns a touch at Shikoba's question. "Just running, not too thirsty tonight." He reassures her. Mattias looked back to the other werewolf, waving a bit as he appeared to be headed off.

"You too." He said, not sure how serious Finnegan was being.

Snorting a laugh through her nose, Shikoba shrugs, "I tend to agree with you. Unless you're pro, sports are a hobby." AS Finnegan makes his way off, she lifts a hand and waves, "You look out as well."

She turns to Mattias and smiles, "You're looking a bit better. You ever find a place to stay?" she asks, continuing her run, her eyes reflecting gold as the evening darkens and they catch the overhead lights.

She stops as she gets to the bench at the basketball courts. She takes a breath, stretching her arms over her head before leaning down to get her bag and water bottle. She looks at her watch and presses a button on it, the digital screen changing over to heart rate/pulse. "I am going inside to lift. Don't let me keep you from your run…" her eyes flick to Mattias' shirt, "And don't run too hard."

Mattias gets a nod from Finn at the name, but it's Izzie he gives a parting reply to.

"Not sure if Ryel's basement counts as pro, but even then… not a team player," Finn says with smirk and a little salute to the other wolf. The saluting hand reaches into his pocket for his car keys and turns to stride toward the parking lot on the far end of the complex.

Mattias nods. "Yeah, looking for a roommate still so I just got into the cheapest apartment I could find for now." He says, easily keeping up with Shikoba as she finished her run. The vampire doesn't bother sitting when Shikoba does, since he's just going to start again anyway. "Have fun with that." He says, smiling a bit when the werewolf cautions him. "Don't worry, I'm sure I won't kill myself or anything." Mattias reassures her before running off.

Resting her bag over her shoulder, Shikoba chuckles, taking another swig from her diminishing water bottle. "Glad to hear it." She says with a laughs and wave as she makes her way toward the building and thus the weight room. "Have a good run," she says over her shoulder. She disappears into the building, the door closing behind her.

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