The Market

With a view of Topanga State Park at its feet, The Market is a mix of attraction and shopping hub. The path through the Market is lined with stalls and kiosks rather than proper buildings, but those stalls hold all manner of kitschy knickknacks one could want. Much of the wares are mystical in theme, but crystal balls and pouches of herbs are mixed in with the more practical items like one-of-a-kind furniture and clothing. Chances are, one of the sellers will have what you're looking for. And a few things you aren't.

At the end of the stalls, there's an odd looking sign posted. It looks old and worn, and many market-goers ignore it as one of the place's oddities. But those who know how to get there, in a classically vague fashion, know that the market extends beyond (or rather, below) the public stretch. All fey in the Los Angeles area know there's a market here for them, as well. Past a little glamour and chicanery to keep the unwanted out the market turns much odder, selling potions and enchanted items and things not meant for mere mortals. It's a place to take care when browsing for more reasons than protection of your wallet and the regulars know that the sign warning them not to carry electronics inside isn't one to dismiss.

Important People

  • Owner: Jordan
  • Employees: Wiggins (npc)- A faerie guard of diminutive stature and the dog she road in on. No one's sure which one is Wiggins, but they account for a good portion of what counts as security in the Market.

Note: Please talk to Mombi if you have any questions about the Market.

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