The boundary between the Otherworld and our own has been destroyed. The veil that for so long covered humanity’s eyes has been lifted, and we now know that most of what we once thought to be mere nightmare is real. What is loosely classified as the Fey (the magical creatures from the Otherworld) was unleashed upon our world in a myriad of forms and as many intentions— many simply sought to destroy anything in their path, while others wanted to claim our world for their own, either by force or manipulation. Some have infected humanity, molding men and women into their image. Others simply want to live in relative peace among us in our world, as theirs has been destroyed.

Human nature is to survive at all costs, and mankind’s numbers are still larger by far, but the Fey is chipping away at modern civilization as we know it. Some groups of the Fey have grown so powerful, politicians and law enforcement often let them do what they want in exchange for favors. In most countries, laws protect the more “human” of the Fey as citizens, and all but the bravest of police tend to look the other way when the more organized groups of the Fey commit heinous crimes.

Prior to the Breach, members of the Fey had been crossing between borders into the mundane for centuries; they are the stuff of legends, folklore and myth. The vampires, the werewolves, the hobgoblin, the faerie. Some were ostracized from the Otherworld while others came and went as they pleased. Then, only certain people with special gifts were able to see the Fey for what they truly were; they had what some call a shine or shining, true sight or sixth sense. These people have always been at risk from malevolent entities called the Soul Eaters, spirits or demons who feed on the Fey and anyone touched by Fey magic.

These days, that means just about everyone, and the Soul Eaters have come across from the Otherworld as well.

What caused the Breach is unknown, even to the Fey. What is clear is the Otherworld no longer exists. Our world has become the Fey’s only home, whether they like it or not.

Whether we like it or not.

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