Werewolf Groups
The W2s tend to group together in small "packs" of likeminded people, though there are always the lone wolves (pun intended) who may avoid other wolves altogether. There are two major mindsets, with most wolves finding themselves favoring one or the other — whether they align themselves officially with the group or not. There are, as always, exceptions.

Fidus Lupos

Fidus Lupos is the unofficial name for those W2s who claim loyalty and fidelity to the Wolves from the Otherworld who changed them from mere humans to the shapeshifters they are today. They are generally proud of their supernatural status. Members of this group have been known to work to try improve the rights of W2s, trying to get them equal citizenship or allow them to take part in activities they've been banned from, such as professional sports or the military. These W2s are more likely to have a prejudice and hatred of all vampires and V2s as the natural enemy of their creators.


Brotherhood of the Cursed

Not everyone asked to be made into a werewolf, and many people felt they lost some of their humanity in the act. The members of the "Cursed" feel that they are just that — cursed — and are less likely to be at the beck and call of their Creators. They are less likely to go public with their "membership," as the Otherworld Wolves and the members of Fidus Lupos tend to make life difficult for those on the outskirts. The group is a sort of secret society that everyone knows exists; they support the Fellowship of the Damned in their efforts. The members of the "Cursed" have been known to take down an Otherworld Wolf who is "infecting" too many new "recruits."


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